Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wombat Kids Fundraiser

A great night for a wonderful cause. Wombat kids is an organisation to support children who have lost a parent. Last night in the Botanical Gardens they has a fundraising evening. Lots of fun things for the kids to do - rides, jumping castle, spray tattoos, face painting, kids fitness, Zumba demo, Karate demo, live music,  Police and Fire cars and lots more!!!

The balloon release.
In memory of loved ones that are no longer with us

A beautiful sight and so moving

The last piece

Kloe received this puzzle for Christmas. When we got home from holidays she started on it and worked on it everyday. The last piece of the puzzle was completed the other day. Well done Kloe!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meet Bella

We have another baby. This is our new little girl, born Thursday 12th January. Kayla has named her Bella, even though it's Zac's calf. He doesn't care about their names, he is just interested in the money at sale time!!!

Helen, Kayla and Zac bought their cows as calves for $100 each. The girls are dairy breeds, one is black and white, she is Fresian. The other one is chocolate brown, she is Jersey. The bull that comes to visit is a Limousin, beef breed . As you can see they are mixed. The calves that were 12 months old sold for $600 ea, not a bad investment for two teenagers.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Meet Sax

This is the new little man in Kayla's life. He was born on Tuesday, as we were driving home. She has named him Sax.

To market, to market

Remember our cute little calves from a year ago? Well they have grown just a little. Yesterday they were loaded and taken to the sale yards, to be sold today. It was a bit sad to see them go. I'm sure Kayla and Zac will be more than happy when they get their money for them.


Christmas Holiday - Jervis Bay