Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oma and Opa arrive

Yes, we have Oma and Opa here again with us!!! The kids were all so excited about them coming. Oma and Opa spent the evening playing cards, chess and reading stories. This morning is very humid, so they have gone out early to Sandy Billabong for a look and a quick fish. When they have melted enough it will be time to spend the rest of the day inside in the aircon. Has been 39 degress with about 70% humidity. (YUK!!!)

We are off to Hamilton in Victoria next Sunday to have a look. We go via Alice Springs to Melbourne, spend the night in Melbourne and then on Monday we have a flight into Hamilton. Hamilton is approx 3hrs drive from Melbourne near the Grampians. We spend a few days there and return to Jabiru on Thursday. Not to sure about the COLD weather!! But on a positive note they have two supermarkets and a choice of schools!!!! That's a good thing!!! Will keep you posted on the outcome

My Preschooler's

This is my preschool room and all my gorgeous little darlings. It looks a bit bare, I took down all of their artwork just before I took these pictures. We are ready to start a new theme.Time of morning Tea

Micaela 12yrs Age Champ - Swimming

Micaela and Sarah - At Friday's assembly It's official Micaela and her friend Sarah both won age champion for the girls 12yrs swimming. The girls fought it out all night. Micaela won the first race and then Sarah won the next race. This is how the girls spent their evening - one would win, the other would come second. Micaela really wanted them to have a butterfly race - because Sarah can not do butterfly. She said "That would show who can swim!!!!"
They will receive their medals later as they are still off being engraved.
We were also very proud of Zac who swam in all of the 10yrs races. He came third in backstroke and was leading most of the other races only to be beaten right at the end.
Kloe had a great evening and had lots of fun participating in water activities.
Jarred also spent the night in the little pool - only came out long enough to eat a sausage sandwitch. Boy didn't that take an effort to get him to do that much!!!