Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wade and Heather's Wedding

November 20th Sydney - On this day my brother Wade married Heather

Chris and I at the front of the church before the ceremony.

My family, from the left my youngest brother Brendan, his partner Nadine, my Dad, my nephew Ryan (Brendans son) Heather, Wade, my Mum, my nephew Joel (Brendans son) and us. If most of us look short it's because Dad is 6' 2"and my brothers are even bigger!!!

The reception was held at the beautiful Curzon Hall in Marsfield

A big thanks to my Dad for all the photos :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


Now don't fall off your chairs, this is the second page within a few days. I have used some Bo Bunny paper for this. Also some of my favourite additions, stars and circles. This photo was taken at the school cross country this year. My boy is such a competitive little thing and tried so hard. The exhaustion and determination on his face is priceless.

It doesn't happen everyday

Zac was in a very rare mood, where he was happy to have his photo taken. This photo was taken at Green Patch, Jervis Bay during the last school holidays. Opa was so thrilled to have his picture taken with Zac.

I can't call my boy, a boy anymore!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is why

Yesterday was a cold and wet day. There was no cricket on in the morning and I had plenty of things to do outside.......... but it was raining. So, we needed a change of plans.

I have been wanting to sort through all the kids albums and put them into some sort of order, for a very long time. It has been months since I have scrapbooked. Everyone has been asking me, why I haven't been doing any recently. WHY? Well that is a good question. For some time I was questioning why I was doing it. What was the purpose of it all. Why was I fighting my children to have a photo taken and spending so much time recording life's everyday moments. It wasn't until I pulled out all the albums and I started looking through them with the kids, that I realised why. We laughed at all the silly things they used to do. So many of which would have been forgotten. I then knew why, I was doing this. Why it was time to find that passion again and continue to hold onto and treasure those everyday moments.

Layouts to come very soon ;)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finally an update

It's been awhile. Quite awhile. I have been getting into a lot of trouble!!!!!
So many of you have been asking for a blog update, well don't fall off your chairs, I am finally getting around to it.

Life has gotten in the way, which is not a bad thing at all. In the last month .....................................

We celebrated Zac's 14th Birthday.

Jarred and Kloe have both started Milo cricket on Sunday. Jarred has also started Basketball on a Tuesday afternoon. None of the others have played basketball, so I am asking lots of questions and trying to get my head around how the game is played. He just loves it. Jarred and Kloe are both still swimming on a Thursday afternoon.

Zac is enjoying his cricket. He trains of a Thursday and plays Saturday mornings. He doesn't like having to get up early on a Saturday. Once he is up he is fine. They have been doing really well and have either won or drawn each match.

Kayla has officially finished her two years of Cadets. The end of year Mass and Parade was held recently and she was thrilled it was OVER!!!! Kayla and Jordi celebrated their 12 month anniversary. And have recently celebrated their 13th. Jordi celebrated his 18th Birthday and a few days later, got his P's. He has a flashy red car, that can be seen at our house everyday :)

We celebrated Melbourne Cup day with sparkling apple cider. The kids thought it was so cool.
Speaking of horse races. Kayla's horse, she has a part share in, has run in a few races recently. Coming 2nd, 4th and the last one he lost his shoe and finished 10th. Such a shame as he was looking so good. He is due to race again soon.
We had a truck of load of mulch delivered which I spread on some of the garden. Shame we need about 100 more loads to finish it all off.
We have planted heaps of things in the veggie garden.
We had 45 tonnes of crushed road delivered for the driveway. Zac and I spread as much as we could. We are still waiting on the bobcat man to come and level it all out.
We sold all but two of our baby chooks. We wanted to keep 2 for ourselves. We ended up only having 2 rooster out of the 9, which was really good. We had a lady ask us for 2 dozen fertilized eggs too!!! Two of our other chooks decided to get clucky and sit on some eggs, so we have another 3 new additions.
Our cows are getting so big and heavy and I feel so sorry for them. Our friend the 'cow' man said they will drop their babies within the next few weeks. We are keeping a close watch on them.
When we moved into this house almost 4 years ago, we used our coffee table to sit the TV on, until we bought a TV cabinet. Now you can't rush these things, we finally bought a TV cabinet and coffee table.

Last weekend Chris and I went to Sydney for my brother, Wade's wedding. It was a super quick visit. We arrived late Friday and we were back home Sunday dinner time. We had a great weekend. I will share some photos as soon as I get them from my Dad (DAD I know you are reading this - I need the photos ;)
During the week it was sports day for Jarred and Kloe. Jarred was counting down the sleeps and Kloe would rather, there wasn't a sports day at all. Jarred insisted on having red hair.It was a really hot day and the day finished up early. The red team won, so I had two very happy children.

I haven't done any creating at all, Zip, nil, zero. Hopefully I will get back into it. Maybe when I can find another few hours in each day :)
I'm sure there is a thousand other things but at the moment that will do.
Thanks for popping by.