Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jarred is 5

Hooray.......Finally the day arrived!!! Jarred has been counting down for weeks. He was so excited to be turning five. He has been unwell for the last week. He had a cold, which turned into croup, then he was vomiting and then Monday night he couldn't sleep ,because he had an ear ache. But nothing stopped him from enjoying his special day, not even a trip to the doctors in the afternoon.

Opening presents. He got Army play tents (which Dad and Zac built the night before and had sitting in the lounge room for him, to get a surprise when he woke up), dinosaurs, clothes, singlets, socks, toy mobile phone, play animals, puzzle, cars and a new car mat.

Birthday time at Kindy. We made 'face' cupcakes to hand out to all of his friends.

For dinner we had 'Dinosaur soup'(Chicken noodle soup, made with dinosaur pasta) And Chicken Dinosaur shapes. Followed by 'Freddo Frog' icecream cake. Can you guess who put his order in for dinner?

and the big 5 year old

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. Jarred had a fantastic day. He is looking forward to his 'Dinosaur' party on Saturday with all of his friends

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My First Online Class tonight

As part of my Guest Designer position with Diva's. I get to teach my first online class tonight. All chat will be in the Divas chatroom with all the instructions posted on the free online class blog.

Today I have made Kloe an outfit for her "Olden Days Dress Up" Day at school on Friday. Luckily Jarred is home sick today and very nicely acted, as a model for me. He is almost the same size as Kloe. But shhhhhh.....I didn't tell you he was wearing a dress LOL! When I put it on him he said "Mum, you are not allowed to look at me, coz I'm in a girls dress" so sweet. Hopefully it will fit her. Otherwise it will be some quick adjustments. It is just made with Calico and an old cot sheet for the apron.

Other news:

We are getting lots of eggs. One of the new chook lays, double yokers every few days. The eggs are huge. The kids are very impressed with these.

We are getting lots of broccoli and cauliflower from the veggie garden. I made it with cheese sauce on it the other night and everyone ate it. The kids are not to fussed on cauliflower, but with cheese sauce it's a winner.

I have been busy preparing for Jarred's birthday. He is having a 'Dinosaur' theme birthday party with 14 of his friends. It should be a lot of fun.

Scrapping news - another page accepted by Scrapbooking Memories. I was also asked to do another project challenge for them. This time it was a single layout and card. I got a huge pack of goodies to play with. My last product challenge I did for them, was displayed at their stand at the Brisbane Papercrafts Exhibition, that was held over the weekend. I was very excited when they asked me, if they could display it. I haven't had a lot of time for scrapbooking recently, I just need to find another few hours in each day.

**edited to add** I also won the month kit layout competion, at Bon's and also the monthly competition at Scenic Route. Lots more goodies coming my way! Thanks to Rach, for making me enter, both of these comp's.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Kayla turns 14

Our big girl celebrated her 14th birthday yesterday.
Breakfast of pancakes - special ones for the birthday girl.
A few of the presents. We went shopping on Saturday and Kayla bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes with her birthday money. I was told I didn't have to wrap all of these up.
I wasn't allowed to take photo's, of the birthday girl early in the morning.
We went out for the day and had a lovely picnic lunch by the water and did some more exploring.

And I found a new use for fozz felt.
The traditional 'Oma' cake
Thank you to everyone, for your birthday wishes. You really made Kayla's day very special.