Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Skull Cake

All the kids enjoyed the chocolate "Skull"

Happy 10th Birthday Zac

The Birthday Boy "10" Today

Yes, today is a big day in our household Zac is 10 - Double figures already!!! All he wanted for his birthday was a new bike. One with gears. We all made the trek into Darwin on Saturday to find him a bike. Well...... you would think it would be easy!!! No....... he is a bit to big for a 14" bike and the 16" was much too big!!! They told us he would grow out of the 14" within 18 months, but surely that has to be better than not being able to get on the 16"!!!. So after looking at a few, we ended up going back to the 1st one he saw and liked (Isn't that always the way!) So here it is, the new bike and the Birthday boy with his new clothes on. And the Skull cake for School!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Again

Zac is home sick today - has a high temp and headaches. Looks like he has got what the girls had the other week. Took them a few days to come good.

The kids have swimming everyday for the next two weeks as part of water survival program. Kloe wasn't too keen of going to school today..... think she was a bit frightened!

No fish brought home yesterday...... only the croc's were catching big one's yesterday. They apparently were putting on a show.

Have a great week

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Our Week

This week has flown by. After only a week of holidays it wasn't to hard to get back into the swing of things. We are averaging about 36/37 everyday at the moment and the humidy is starting to increase. Lots of cloud starting to build. Welcome to the 'Build Up' season!

Jarred was not to impressed that he had to go back to kindy on Wednesday after two days at big school. He really enjoyed "Big School" with Mum. He enjoyed tye dying a T'shirt on Thursday. He was so tired last night he had trouble keeping his eyes open and told us "His eyes were broken" Oh, what a laugh we had.

Kloe has enjoyed her week back at school and she can almost rememeber all of her sight words.

Micaela is the social butterfly as usual.... don't see her most afternoons. She is always busy off somewhere!

Zac started "Healthy Cooking" this week and was very impressed with the banana smoothy he made. He is so looking forward to his birthday! He also won a price because he scored a par.... hope that is right - today at golf.

The boys took the boat out this afternoon to Yellow Waters - lots of Croc's and Fish..... they could see them but could not catch them. Yeah..... Yeah.... same old story!

Tomorrow they are all off to East Alligator for another fishing experiment for Micaela's assesment.

We have three extra's tonight. Two of Micaela's friends and one of Zac's. Yes, we are definatly crazy!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back to School

Well yesterday was back to school day..... was suppose to be a nice quiet day at home for Mum and Jarred. I had planned just to potter around and catch up on all the little bits and pieces... well that was the plan anyway. I was called into work as the lady who job shares with me, is really sick. Jarred was really impressed as he got to go to big school. He knows quite a few of the kids in the Mon/Tues Pre School group so he just fitted right in.Well I'm off to work again today and Jarred is so excited he is off to big school again.

All those little things are just going to have to wait!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sandy Billabong to Cooinda

Cooinda Pool

After Sandy Billabong we went to have a look a Jim Jim Billabong and then onto Cooinda for a swim and some lunch. I'm so happy I actually got a photo of all four of them today.... well, ok not together.... but I got one of Zac and getting a photo of Zac is a major effort!!

Oh and guess what today is Saturday and I have just posted what we did today - it has only taken me all week to catch up on the last few months!!! It really has been nice this week being on school holidays ( Yes, I'm on school holidays too! For those of you who don't know, I was approached by school to be the Pre School Assistant Wed,Thurs, Friday's. It's lots of fun and keeps me very busy.

Will try really hard to stay up to date now!!

Hope you are all enjoying the BLOG

Sandy Billabong

Today we decided we would go out early and have a look at Sandy Billabong (between here and Cooinda) We should have taken some rods, you could see the Barra in the water. Will be going back there again really soon!!

Zac.....yes, Zac...... Sewing shorts

As some of you are aware, we are very limited with what we can do here in Jabiru - especially now the temp is up to 38 degrees everyday!! The kids have just finished their weeks holiday. Zac wanted to make something on Thursday, so with just a little help from Mum he made a pair of PJ shorts for Jarred. He did all the sewingand ironing, Mum only helped with the elastic and hem. Well done Zac! Will post a picture of Jarred with them on(Sorry forgot to take one)

Best of Friends

Kloe and Jarred are such good friends, they just have so much fun!

Micaela's Science Experiment

Well we certainly do things differently up here!! Micaela had to choose a science experiment as part of her assessment for this term. Well...... let's just say, she has to go fishing, every weekend for a few weeks and record all the data!! Such a hard life!!!

Our new breadmaker

Yum......fresh hot bread all the time!!! Everyone was totally fascinated with it .... they all had to watch it!!

Happy Birthday Dad

Chris celebrates his .....shhh.....37th Birthday

The Super Golfer does it Again!!!!

Zac (the golfer!!) won the August Ambrose. He was very impressed with all the prizes he won!! It must have been the good luck shirt - which he won last time!!

Maguk - Barramundi Gorge

No Showers here!!

We all enjoyed our camping holiday so much we decided to go camping the first weekend back home. Well..... the longest we had stayed in one place was three nights, so it was time to move on!!!! We camped at Barramundi Gorge for two nights. We all enjoyed a very cool swim after a hard track to get into the Gorge.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

And Back Again!!

Gregory National Park by Helicopter

Chris, Micaela and Zac went for a Helicopter ride over the Gregory National Park

Sunrise over Lake Kununarra

This was our gorgeous view from our campsite right on the Lake

The End of the Gibb River Road

We were all a bit sad to reach the end of the Gibb River Road - we knew our adventure was almost over

El-Q Horse Riding

As Jarred would say
Nee Haa - Rusty the horse!!

El Questro

Chamberlain Gorge

Moonshine Creek

Our Camp Site - Yes....... It was really cold!!!!

The Lookout

Bell Gorge

Mt Hart

Mt Hart

The kids had their own private Billabong to swim in.

Windjana Gorge