Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy 10th Birthday Zac

The Birthday Boy "10" Today

Yes, today is a big day in our household Zac is 10 - Double figures already!!! All he wanted for his birthday was a new bike. One with gears. We all made the trek into Darwin on Saturday to find him a bike. Well...... you would think it would be easy!!! No....... he is a bit to big for a 14" bike and the 16" was much too big!!! They told us he would grow out of the 14" within 18 months, but surely that has to be better than not being able to get on the 16"!!!. So after looking at a few, we ended up going back to the 1st one he saw and liked (Isn't that always the way!) So here it is, the new bike and the Birthday boy with his new clothes on. And the Skull cake for School!!

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