Monday, February 25, 2008


Due to some unknown people, leaving strange comments on this blog I have had no choice but to stop 'anyone' making a comment. If you would like to leave a comment please email me and I will grant you permission, to comment on our blog. We love hearing from you. It is such a shame that some people like to spoil the fun!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Head V Cricket Ball

A trip to the hospital, several hours and three stitches later.
Cricket balls wins (Just)

Didn't manage to knock any sense into him. He went back and continued to play cricket that afternoon.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Under 12 Swimming Champion

Swimming Carnival Time. Perfect weather to go for a swim today. Lovely warm, sunny day and Zac made the most of it. Zac swam in every race he could. He even filled in, in the Under 13 relay team because they were short a swimmer. He got 4th in Freestyle (which he hates) 2nd in Backstoke, 1st in Breaststroke, 1st U12 relay and 4th U13 relay. And I don't care if I embarrassed you, or your sister by cheering (very loudly) for you! I was so proud of you for getting in and giving it ago.Well done you BIG FISH.

Zac will now represent the school at the Regional Swimming Championships.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Look who came to Visit

This is a BROWN SNAKE. This BROWN SNAKE decided to come for a visit last night.
I was standing washing up and looked up and spotted it right next to the chicken coup. About 4 metres from the back of the house."Chris, get outside quick!!!" I didn't know it was a brown snake then. Micaela quickly took the dogs out the front and my greeny, tree hugging, animal loving husband, decided to watch it and leave it alone. He says it was just passing through. Arggghhhhhhhh! I hope it doesn't decide to pass through again. I have been on the snake look out all day.
This is Zac's project for school. He had to do a poster on Victoria. With Pop and Mum's help this is what we (Sorry, should say HE) came up with.

On Sunday we took Pop over to Mt Gambier, Port McDonnell and then to Portland. Dad has always wanted to go to Mt Gambier, so he got the chance.
I love this boy. He asks me to take photo's of him
Drilling Rig off Portland
This boy loves to cook. Tonight we made sausage rolls. And today I make this......... (and some muffins)
Have a great week

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gosh, Hump Day already

Wow!!! This week has gone quick. It's the middle of the week already.

We picked Pop up from the airport on the weekend. Flight was on time and we turned back around and headed home. Seven hours driving. The kids are so good in the car. They are well travelled.

The kids are all enjoying school. I can not express how lovely Kloe's new teacher is. Things are looking very good for her this year. Jarred had his first day of Kindy yesterday. He loved the fact that he was going for a 'big' day (5 hours). He was so excited about taking his lunch box for the first time. He is back to kindy today. I think we are going to have a very tired boy this week.

Garden wise we are still getting zucchini's, cherry tomato's, cucumbers and have started picking lettuce again. Oh and Chris dug up another 8 kilo's of potato's.

Chook wise..... we have two regular layers. We are getting two eggs a day at the moment. So I will be making all sorts of egg dishes from now on.

The weather is bad to normal. It is cool with misty rain. Dad is feeling the cold! And what's funny is it's not COLD, it's COOL!

Enjoy the rest of the week

Friday, February 01, 2008

What a week

This week has just flown by. We are slowly getting back into some kind of routine. Kloe loves her new school and her teacher (Mum is so happy and very relieved) Zac is moaning and groaning........but that's normal, so all is good. Micaela has enjoyed her week. All the notes and lists have started again. Sometimes it is so hard keeping up with them all. Zac has been picked in the swimming team, for the swimming carnival. It was based on his efforts from last year. He has swimming training a few days next week. He also had his first cricket training session on Thursday afternoon. So it looks like cricket training will become a regular Thursday event. Micaela is doing textiles this term and has a huge list of supplies, she needs. She keeps telling us, it's really not her thing, but she has made some really good things. She should be very proud of herself.

This afternoon I had another scrapbook page accepted with Scrapbooking Memories. I was very exciting and I am still in shock. The page was one from the Diva's CC last weekend, of my gorgeous niece Lizzie and Kayla. Lizzie shares my passion of scrapping and card making and was so excited when we told her. What makes it even more special, is that I used a few things that I bought when Lizzie and I went scrapbook shopping over Christmas.

Tomorrow we are off to the big smoke to pick Poppy up. We are all very excited and can not wait to see him. He will be staying with us for two weeks.