Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gosh, Hump Day already

Wow!!! This week has gone quick. It's the middle of the week already.

We picked Pop up from the airport on the weekend. Flight was on time and we turned back around and headed home. Seven hours driving. The kids are so good in the car. They are well travelled.

The kids are all enjoying school. I can not express how lovely Kloe's new teacher is. Things are looking very good for her this year. Jarred had his first day of Kindy yesterday. He loved the fact that he was going for a 'big' day (5 hours). He was so excited about taking his lunch box for the first time. He is back to kindy today. I think we are going to have a very tired boy this week.

Garden wise we are still getting zucchini's, cherry tomato's, cucumbers and have started picking lettuce again. Oh and Chris dug up another 8 kilo's of potato's.

Chook wise..... we have two regular layers. We are getting two eggs a day at the moment. So I will be making all sorts of egg dishes from now on.

The weather is bad to normal. It is cool with misty rain. Dad is feeling the cold! And what's funny is it's not COLD, it's COOL!

Enjoy the rest of the week

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