Friday, February 15, 2008

Under 12 Swimming Champion

Swimming Carnival Time. Perfect weather to go for a swim today. Lovely warm, sunny day and Zac made the most of it. Zac swam in every race he could. He even filled in, in the Under 13 relay team because they were short a swimmer. He got 4th in Freestyle (which he hates) 2nd in Backstoke, 1st in Breaststroke, 1st U12 relay and 4th U13 relay. And I don't care if I embarrassed you, or your sister by cheering (very loudly) for you! I was so proud of you for getting in and giving it ago.Well done you BIG FISH.

Zac will now represent the school at the Regional Swimming Championships.


Anonymous said...

woohoo way to go Zac!

that is so awesome!!

Rachael said...

well I cried out of pride just reading it so I can imagine how thrilled you must have been. Well done buddy!!!

Anonymous said...

See here

Brian Bailey said...

well done zac hope you win some more races in the future

From joel