Friday, March 30, 2007

Look what I Got!

We came home from school on Friday afternoon and got a phone call saying Jarred had won a prize in the Kindy Easter Raffle. The lady dropped this off not long after. This managed to get a smile from Jarred. He has had a temp and not feeling to well, same bug as Kloe had earlier in the week.
Today was also the last day of school for this term. Kloe's class celebrated with a Healthy picinic at the Botanical Gardens with lots of games and a scavanger hunt. Micaela's Year 7 class was also there - not so healthy, with Macca's for lunch! Jarred was miserable all afternoon and didn't enjoy the outing at all!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Healthy "Chocolate" Afternoon Tea

Zac enjoying some of his prize, He kept the big one for later when Dad came home

Jarred wasn't complaining - chocolate would be one of his favourite things

Not a happy camper today! Came home from school not feeling to well. But still well enough to eat some chocolate!

The pic says it all!

Look what Zac Won!

Zac would have to be one of the luckiest people I know! He decided at the last minute to buy some tickets in the Easter raffle at school and won not only 1st prize but 3rd as well. Being fair he took 1st prize and they drew another ticket out for third. He happily came out of school carrying this basket of easter eggs. "I want the big one, but I'll share the rest. And Mum, you can have the basket and ribbon!"

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Talking to the Cows

Micaela has 9 new friends. She goes out and talks and feeds the cows everyday. They see her and come running "MOO" "MOO" "Moo". It's so funny to see them walking in a line following her. A bit of cow slobber never hurt anyone!!


Micaela said the funniest thing the other day while doing her homework "I'm so almost finished I can feel the lounge" Definately one to be scrapped!!

My Little Helper "Dude"

Yesterday, Jarred and I were working in the garden. We were spreading pea straw on the garden and some blew in his eye. I told him we had to get him some of Daddy's glasses to put on. He thought he was so cool (Even if they were upside down!!!!)

Kloe in the Kitchen

As part of the healthy food unit at school Kloe has also been learning about food preparation. I think she cut 5 slices of cucumber and said her arm was to tired, I should do the rest!!!!

Introducing another addition to the Family

This is "Snowflake" the newest addition to our family. Mum said no to a bird, Dad said no to a bird. Now who do you think caught the gorgeous little finch that flew into our garage????? Oh come on Mum it's so cute!!! Can't we keep her? Can you believe it!!! Now wasn't it a fluke that we had Bluey staying with us and happened to have a cage to put it in. We also had Zac's friend Jack over and Jack happily informs us "We have a bird cage at home that we don't use"
So 4 children, 2 dogs, 9 cows and a bird!!
"Mum the bird looks so lonely, I think we should buy it a friend"

Bluey the Budgie

This is Bluey the budgie who is Kloe's classroom pet. All the children have the opportunity to take Bluey home for the weekend. Bluey came home with us on Friday and chatted away all weekend.

Go Yellow!!! Go Kloe!!!

Kloe's sports carnival was held last Friday with her participating in a circuit of different athletic events. She got a third place in her 100m run and had way too much fun in everything else!!

Kloe's Farm

Kloe has been learning about healthy food and where it comes from. As part of this topic they have been learning about "Farms" this is Kloe's farm she built.

Wonderful Wagon Woodwork Creations

This is Zac's wagon he made in Woodwork. For homework he had to paint it. He was very proud of his wagon and is really enjoying being in middle school and doing the really cool subjects!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blow that thing!

Micaela is back to Cornet lesson's once a week. She is also in the band and helping the junior band members to blow their thing!! It's so wonderful to hear that music in our house again!

Boy in a Box

Give a boy a box and it means endless hours of fun!!! And boy don't we have lot's of boxes!!

Latest Pic's

8 + 1 Visitors

We now have 8 invited visitors and 1 big black steer that decided he couldn't miss out on all the fun and jumped the fence to join in with our 8 gorgeous girls. Dairy farmer Bruce, is letting his 8 lawn mowers have a turn on our land for a few months. We gain lots of "****" great for the garden!! And lots of valuable advice from our new farmer friend. Our uninvited guest was the previous owners steer and was in the padock next to our land (which is owned by his brother in law) We think he was lonely or maybe decided it was just too good to have all those females on the other side of the fence!
8 + 1 visitors
No.8 "Windy" all the cows are named after Essendon AFL Team
And the big black steer - doesn't look very friendly!!

Monday, March 05, 2007


The Outside

Thursday nights work - our turnaround garden
Planted 24 plants and mulched

More House

View from the front door

Main Bathroom

Kitchen looking at dining/lounge

More House Pic's

Our Bedroom - Don't you love that navy wall???

Our Ensuite

Walk In Robe

Our outdoor dinning setting - now indoors

Front entrance