Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

Sending our very best wishes to everyone
for a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas.
May Santa be good to you.
Love to all

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2007 Awards Night

It was a long night. Jarred and Kloe were very bored and we heard about it every 2 minutes. They did however enjoy seeing Micaela and Zac get their awards.

We were very proud of our two darlings. They have both done extremely well this year.

Look what we won......

We have been very lucky with Kindy Raffles. We won 2nd prize in the Christmas Raffle. There was a message on our answering machine yesterday saying we had won a prize and I had to go and pick it up. We got an insulated picnic bag, digital camera, lollies and chocolates.

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's a Filly

Micaela's gorgeous adopted horse Ruby had a baby girl late last week. Yesterday we got to go out to the vet's and see her. She is the cutest little thing. The best news however is that Ruby and bub (she doesn't have a name yet) are doing so well that they will be home this week.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Operation Sydney

Todays mission was "Operation Sydney"

Camper trailer set up and cleaned. Bed remade. Trailer emptied, sorted and repacked. Gas bottles filled. We just have to pack our clothes and food. Then we are all set to hit the road on Saturday morning. We are stopping in Albury for the night and then onto Sydney for Christmas.

This week is busy. We are still finishing off end of year activities with school. Presentation night is on Tuesday night. Both Micaela and Zac are going to be receiving awards. Kloe has parties and swimming activites on. Jarred has a birthday party on Friday.

I think we are all looking forward to having a rest and slowing down.

Enjoy your week

Cooking, Cricket and Christmas Parties don't these look yummy? Yesterday we cooked. We made these little puddings, yum yum balls (I'm sure they have a proper name but the kids have always called them this) and cookies and cream slice (Jarred and Kloe have renamed this slice 'Mud Slice' they thought the bottom layer looked like mud LOL)
Chris had a good win in cricket. They almost won out right. But the umpire called end of play, they weren't too happy.
Last night Iluka had a Christmas party on, but the kids were not invited. So we said we were not going. We had a better offer, of a family Christmas party. So off we went to the cricket christmas party. Most of the guys are single or with partners. Only one other couple has two kids. We enjoyed a BBQ dinner. Then there was a surprise visit from a very merry 'Santa'. Jarred and Kloe thought it was fantastic. Elliot did a fantastic job as Santa, promising all the kids ponies for Christmas. He has been told, he better come through with that promise! The kids had a great time playing cricket and hiding and finding the lollies Santa brought. On the way home we went in search of Christmas lights. We found quite a few houses with wonderful light displays.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa comes to Kindy

Today was Jarred's last day of Kindy. He was so excited as Santa was coming. We went armed with presents for his teachers, gingerbread men and shortbread stars for the party and of course Reindeer food for all of his friends. Kloe was not feeling well this morning so she stayed home from school. I had no choice but to take her with me to the party. I had to make a mad dash through the room while the party was on to get her to the toilet. She was sick and then seemed to pick up. Not the best of timing, but what do you do?

After party food the class put on a concert for all the Mum's, Dad's and grandparents. They sang songs and played instruments. Jarred was just loving it.

Open, shut them........blow a little kiss
They sang Jingle bells and look who happened to arrive in a Fire Engine. Jarred couldn't get to him quick enough. "Come on Santa, I'll show you how to get inside" he said. Some of the kids were so frightened they were crying, not this boy!! He loved every minute of it. Santa got lots of cuddles.

With his presents. He got glitter playdough and a set of cookie cutters.
And it's all over until Next Year, when he will be in 4 year old kindy.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Picnic in The Gardens

Yesterday primary had a picnic lunch in the Botanical Gardens. As a treat the kids got to order lunch from Subway or the Hot Dog Shack. They were taken to the gardens by bus and then they went off in groups and had to draw a picture of the gardens. Lunch then arrived, followed by fresh fruit. They had a play on the playground, then a savanger hunt before going back to school.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wicked Quick

What you ask? A few clues

* Loud
* Dust
'* Flying mud
* Action
* Fumes

Yeah, don't need any more clues do you Pop? We went to the Western Speedway last night to see the Sprint Cars in action. And action is what we got. The kids found the flying mud very entertaining. We got hit several times, just added to the excitement. One of the cars was called "Wicked Quick" and that's what it was. We meet up with some friends and Jarred and Kloe ran back and forth. The juniors raced and Zac is itching to start driving, he is a total 'Rev Head'. He was glued to the track. We headed home about 10.30pm. The kids were so tired.

So what else:

Kloe had an excursion on Friday to Portland and then a sleepover at school. She came home yesterday morning exhausted. She was horrible until she finally feel asleep on the lounge about 2pm. I had to wake her up about 4pm, so we could go and watch Chris's cricket game. We arrived and his team were 1/115. We batted down the order due to his sore foot and knee. He came in with four overs to go. He got 9 not out. Totally score of 5/237. It's a two day game. Day two is next Saturday.

Micaela has not been home all weekend. She has been over at her friends house. Our house is very quite!!!!

We got an invitation to the Awards night. Seems Mr Zac has been doing something impressive this year. He has had, a fantastic teacher this year. Who made him pull up his socks and give it his all. Awards night is held at the Performing Arts Centre Dec 18.

Micaela and Zac finished school work on Friday. The next two weeks is a series of fun activities.

No school for the three of them tomorrow. Jarred has kindy. Friday is his last day. They are having a Christmas Concert and Santa is coming.

Today we are off to Port Fairy. There is a friendly cricket match and social get together. The weather is not looking too good. It's cool and looking like rain. We could do with the rain everything is drying out very quickly.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Our Weekend

I got into trouble the other day for not up dating my blog enough (Sorry Dad)

Zac came home a very tired boy from Camp. He said he had a good time, yes that's about all he said. He is a man of very few words. Micaela had a friend stay over (Nothing new there!!) Kloe was not well with a temp and sore back????

Morning was spent making Reindeer Candy Canes.

Chris went to cricket, oh yeah.....I forgot, I'm not to mention the "C" word. Very sore point this weekend. They lost in a big way, not happy. Saturday afternoon the kids went over to our neighbours and watched them shear their sheep. Kloe had a turn of shearing. Jarred didn't want to. Uncle Steve looked after them well with cans of Coke and icecream. They love going there, I wonder why? I spent the afternoon doing the three layouts below for the Cyber Crop over at DIVA'S.

Saturday night Chris was out in the paddock and stood on some wire/steel and it went straight through his work boots into his heel. Ouch! Both Micaela and Zac had friends over for sleepovers.


Chris was hobbling around with a sore heel and a sore knee from Cricket. He ended up scoring for most of the day, as his foot was so bad he couldn't play. We made Reindeer Food.
Jarred and Kloe loved doing this. Such a great idea. We also made a Lolly Tree

Chris and Kloe have both been home today. Took Chris to the doctors to get his foot checked out. . He got a shot in the arm and told to stay home for a few days. Tomorrow we are off to Warnambool for him to get one of his wisdom teeth out. So he will have a sore arm, sore foot, sore mouth and a sore knee which he hurt at cricket. I think I should trade him in. Kloe was still not 100%. But she will be back at school tomorrow. Micaela has the day off tomorrow it is orientation day for next years, Yr 7 students and they need their classrooms.

Been busy this afternoon baking (again) cupcakes, Rach's shortbread and farm fresh quiche for dinner. We have been given so many eggs from neighbours and friends I had to use them up. I have also been busy making more Christmas gifts. But you will have to wait..........