Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wicked Quick

What you ask? A few clues

* Loud
* Dust
'* Flying mud
* Action
* Fumes

Yeah, don't need any more clues do you Pop? We went to the Western Speedway last night to see the Sprint Cars in action. And action is what we got. The kids found the flying mud very entertaining. We got hit several times, just added to the excitement. One of the cars was called "Wicked Quick" and that's what it was. We meet up with some friends and Jarred and Kloe ran back and forth. The juniors raced and Zac is itching to start driving, he is a total 'Rev Head'. He was glued to the track. We headed home about 10.30pm. The kids were so tired.

So what else:

Kloe had an excursion on Friday to Portland and then a sleepover at school. She came home yesterday morning exhausted. She was horrible until she finally feel asleep on the lounge about 2pm. I had to wake her up about 4pm, so we could go and watch Chris's cricket game. We arrived and his team were 1/115. We batted down the order due to his sore foot and knee. He came in with four overs to go. He got 9 not out. Totally score of 5/237. It's a two day game. Day two is next Saturday.

Micaela has not been home all weekend. She has been over at her friends house. Our house is very quite!!!!

We got an invitation to the Awards night. Seems Mr Zac has been doing something impressive this year. He has had, a fantastic teacher this year. Who made him pull up his socks and give it his all. Awards night is held at the Performing Arts Centre Dec 18.

Micaela and Zac finished school work on Friday. The next two weeks is a series of fun activities.

No school for the three of them tomorrow. Jarred has kindy. Friday is his last day. They are having a Christmas Concert and Santa is coming.

Today we are off to Port Fairy. There is a friendly cricket match and social get together. The weather is not looking too good. It's cool and looking like rain. We could do with the rain everything is drying out very quickly.


Brian Bailey said...

m not surprised at Zac's love of cars I know were he gets it from. I have been waiting for him to find go karts now for some time. Look like he has found something he can now drive other that the mower.

Chris sounds busy with cricket.

You will have to watch Sunrise next Friday as there is a good possibility that I will be on it, means a 4am start your time for me though.

Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

sounds like you have been having a great time,miss chatting to you!