Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa comes to Kindy

Today was Jarred's last day of Kindy. He was so excited as Santa was coming. We went armed with presents for his teachers, gingerbread men and shortbread stars for the party and of course Reindeer food for all of his friends. Kloe was not feeling well this morning so she stayed home from school. I had no choice but to take her with me to the party. I had to make a mad dash through the room while the party was on to get her to the toilet. She was sick and then seemed to pick up. Not the best of timing, but what do you do?

After party food the class put on a concert for all the Mum's, Dad's and grandparents. They sang songs and played instruments. Jarred was just loving it.

Open, shut them........blow a little kiss
They sang Jingle bells and look who happened to arrive in a Fire Engine. Jarred couldn't get to him quick enough. "Come on Santa, I'll show you how to get inside" he said. Some of the kids were so frightened they were crying, not this boy!! He loved every minute of it. Santa got lots of cuddles.

With his presents. He got glitter playdough and a set of cookie cutters.
And it's all over until Next Year, when he will be in 4 year old kindy.

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Brian Bailey said...

Looks like Jarred had a great time.
I drove Santa Last Saturday for Operation Rudolph had a ball.