Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catch Up

We had a busy week last week. Nothing inperticular, just general day to day things. Saturday we went to the big smoke. We went down to Warrambool for the day. They were having a big plant sale and we went and bought eight fruit trees, 20 English Box and a New Zealand Flax (to replace the one the dog tried to eat) The kids also had a look in K Mart and Jarred spent his Birthday money on some Tonka Trucks, Parking Station and A Golf Set. Kloe bought some glitter glue and paper. Zac got a new XBox game and Miss M got a new CD. Sunday was spent preparing and planting our fruit trees. It was an all day event. You would think with so much land it would be really easy to decide where to put a veggie garden????? Well no, it wasn't!!! We had to work out how big, as it is going to be fenced in as soon as we get our shed. Shed has been ordered just waiting for plans/approval. As you can see it was really cold. The sun was out in the morning but the breeze had ice in it I'm sure!!!

Photo's by Kayla

Our Air Con died again sometime during the early hours of Monday morning. It was so cold. The lovely Air Con guy came and patched it up again yesterday, waiting on parts. Fingers crossed it continues to work until the parts arrive. This morning was really foggy. I took the kids to school and then went grocery shopping and the fog was still really thick at 10 o'clock. The first pic was taken at 10am and the second an hour later. Still very cool outside, but it never feels as cold when the sun is out.

Jarred and I have just finished baking 4 dozen cupcakes for Kloe's cake stall at school tomorrow. They are raising money for their veggie garden.

My little helper and enjoying the beater.

Have a great week

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Latest Additions

Zac had added to the family. He bought himself 3 fish on the weekend. He has been asking us for a while now. So now we have 4 children, 2 dogs, 3 birds and 3 fish.

Cake Time

Some more pic's of the Birthday Boy. He was just a little bit excited!!!!!


And I'm happy to report it is not just me feeling the COLD. All the natives were complaining yesterday, so I didn't feeling so bad. Top temp of 6 degrees yesterday. It was freezing and wet, not very pleasant at all. Chris was checking out the weather on line last night and told me I would be happy to know we are not the coldest place in Victoria. We are the second coldest!! Did that make me feel better...................NO!!!!!! It was so cold the rain was turning into hail....well I suppose that is better than snow!!! I'm sure it was cold enough to snow! At least our ducted air was sort of fixed the other day. The guy had to order a part, when he told me this, all I could think of was OMG, how long do we have to be without heating!!! Luckily he got it to work, I think he took one look at me all rugged up and thought he had better do something fast!!!! The only problem is, it is so cold the unit keeps freezing up outside and goes through a defrost cycle, so you don't get any heating inside. It's happening alot!!! Ok, enough whinging.LOL

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Birthday Boy

Today is Jarred's 4th Birthday. The word excitement doesn't even come close to describing how excited he was about his birthday. I was silly enough to tell him his birthday was after Micaela's, so we have spent the last few weeks with him asking is it my birthday today. He had everyone organised, he told us all, we had to make cards and wrap presents. He is just so cute!!! We were all expecting a very early wake up but he slept in until 7.40am. We had a fire last night and toasted marshmallows again, so it was a bit later to bed.....I think that helped. He woke up to a lounge room full of balloons and presents. Those words I think I have heard more than a thousand times "Is it my birthday?" Finally "Yes, today is your birthday". He then went running down the hall and loudly woke Kayla up with "Wake up Kayla it's my birthday" He waited until everyone was up and opened all his presents with care. He is now happily playing with his racing car track and dinosaurs. We are off to Mc Donalds for lunch and then hopefully the playground. Had some rain overnight and this morning, so fingers crossed. Then this afternoon we will have his cake.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Check this out

Go and have a look at this, you have to scroll down a bit. You will know when you find it. How amazing to be on this!!!! Look here

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pictures from Yesterday

Saturday Night Fire

Lot's of warm yummy marshmallows. Check out how many layers the kids are all wearing!

Warning!!!! Serious Whinge coming UP!!!!

OMG it is freezing......yes, yes I know we have been freezing for some time now. But I mean it is freezing because our ducted heating has died!!!!! It is currently 3 degrees and we have no heating!!!!!!! Zac is home from school with a sore throat and cold, Jarred has a cold. I think Chris and the girls are the lucky ones, maybe they are a bit warmer being a work and school. And what is even worse is I can't get anyone to look at it until tomorrow. I am seriously thinking of turning the oven on and leaving the door open. Oh, if only I could fit in there!!! Ok, joking of course.

Happy Birthday To Drew for Friday and of course to our goregous Lizzie who's Birthday it was on Saturday. Hope you both had a wonderful day.

I have been a bit slack in the last week updating. Kloe had a middle ear infection, which was so bad the Doctor told me to give her pain stop. Jarred had croup which is now only a cold.... thank goodness. And then I got some tummy bug. So not such a good week. On a better note our fences are all finished, we don't have a gate that is up in the air any more. Will take some pic's when it is not raining. Chris has finally finished the prep work for the trees around the perimeter. We had farmer Bruce and his wife Sandy over on Saturday afternoon and then some of our neighbours Saturday evening. The boys sat outside around the fire.......way to cold out there for me and Micaela, we had a lovely evening looking at wedding pictures. Micaela went to an all day party on Sunday for her friend Jesse. Chris and I worked out in the yard most of the day. Inbetween showers, was a cold 11 degrees, but at least if you kept moving it was OK. Yesterday we went out for the day which was a lovely change from working around the house. We went to Rocklands, which is a resevior, then went for a bit of drive, stopping at the Chocolate Factory in Coleraine on the way home. Oh, wow!! so dangerous. Yummo, we all ate way to much chocolate on the drive home. Not long after we got home, Bruce arrived with a Male Finch for our two girls. They are not to happy about their new partner, they are ganging up on him. Hopefully they begin to get along and start to breed. We had to throw out another 7 eggs out on Sunday.

The fencing guys are back today. They are putting in a gate between our neighbours behind and our property. Steve (Our neighbour) and Trevor (the fencer) breed race horses. We have got to know these two, alot in the last two weeks. Trevor fixed the rest of our fencing for nothing!!! During the week.......he said it was a just because, for a friend. Lovely man. The gate is for us to be able to go back and forth easily.....mind you at no cost to us. We are going to let them use our top paddock to put their horse in while they get their paddocks sprayed and furtilised. Did I mention Miss M is in heaven!!! Just the though of having horses and fowl's on our land is "Just so Cool"

Ok, I think I need to get up and run around for a while to warm up.

Have a great week. Will add some pictures later.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Party "Teenage Style"

Micaela, Jess and Stacey arrived from Stacey's party about 1.30pm. After only 2hrs sleep the night before they were ready to PARTY again!!! The girls quickly raided Micaela's wardrobe and changed into "Party Clothes" Spent a looooong time in the Bathroom adding makeup and then the Music went "UP" and the dancing began. Jaiden and Suzie arrived about 4pm and joined in the fun. All went quite for a while, they needed a break from dancing and sat down to watch a movie. Then it was time for dinner.

The girls eating KFC for Dinner (As requested by Miss M)

Followed by Ice Cream cake

Surprisingly the night was rather quite. The girls watched some movies, talked and giggled lots. And ate way to many lollies. They don't know what time they made it to bed around three was the guess. They surfaced about 9.30am ready for a breakfast of pancakes. Before all returning to bed to talk some more.

Lunch was served, a movied followed and then all the girls went home at 2pm. I then, spent the afternoon rearranging the house and cleaning up.

Then we had another cake "Oma's famous Honey Torte" just for our family

Not surprisingly Miss M headed off to bed rather early last night, after a big weekend.

Was a rather CHILLY top temp of 10 degrees yesterday and at the moment it is 8 degrees and raining. Yes, it's almost lunch time and it is 8, well that is a bit better than the 2 degrees it was this morning. I can tell you there was a lot of moaning going on this morning. Jarred was so impressed, he could blow smoke!!!! The ducted air was having a hard time coping this morning...... I think we will be getting a fire place really, really soon.

Our fencing around the perimeter should be done this week. Our property is fenced but where we are going to put our tree planting (Will be a plantation!!!), has to be fenced off, or there won't be anything left once we get cattle. Chris is almost finished turning it over. Then we have to spray it twice for weeds and then let it rain........then when September comes it will be all hands on deck for tree planting.

Have a great week

Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to our Teenage Daughter

Chris had to go and wake up the Birthday Girl at 6.40am. He had to go and give his teenage daughter a kiss and cuddle for her Birthday as he won't see her this afternoon. Micaela is NOT a morning person. So this probably wasn't the best start to her day!!!! Jarred was up about 1 minute later sooooooooo excited. He had made a card and wrapped it up all by himself yesterday and could not wait to give it to his big sister. " She's not waking up Mum" he said. "Go give her a big cuddle and kiss and see if that works" I said. That did it!!! Out she came stumbling around. Of course she had to open her presents with lots of help. Lots of clothes, jewellery, bag, hairdryer and Elmo PJ's. She had also be spoilt with pressies being sent. Thank you to everyone.

The Birthday Girl still waking up

Ready for School

Well it's offical she is now a teenager.