Monday, June 04, 2007

The Party "Teenage Style"

Micaela, Jess and Stacey arrived from Stacey's party about 1.30pm. After only 2hrs sleep the night before they were ready to PARTY again!!! The girls quickly raided Micaela's wardrobe and changed into "Party Clothes" Spent a looooong time in the Bathroom adding makeup and then the Music went "UP" and the dancing began. Jaiden and Suzie arrived about 4pm and joined in the fun. All went quite for a while, they needed a break from dancing and sat down to watch a movie. Then it was time for dinner.

The girls eating KFC for Dinner (As requested by Miss M)

Followed by Ice Cream cake

Surprisingly the night was rather quite. The girls watched some movies, talked and giggled lots. And ate way to many lollies. They don't know what time they made it to bed around three was the guess. They surfaced about 9.30am ready for a breakfast of pancakes. Before all returning to bed to talk some more.

Lunch was served, a movied followed and then all the girls went home at 2pm. I then, spent the afternoon rearranging the house and cleaning up.

Then we had another cake "Oma's famous Honey Torte" just for our family

Not surprisingly Miss M headed off to bed rather early last night, after a big weekend.

Was a rather CHILLY top temp of 10 degrees yesterday and at the moment it is 8 degrees and raining. Yes, it's almost lunch time and it is 8, well that is a bit better than the 2 degrees it was this morning. I can tell you there was a lot of moaning going on this morning. Jarred was so impressed, he could blow smoke!!!! The ducted air was having a hard time coping this morning...... I think we will be getting a fire place really, really soon.

Our fencing around the perimeter should be done this week. Our property is fenced but where we are going to put our tree planting (Will be a plantation!!!), has to be fenced off, or there won't be anything left once we get cattle. Chris is almost finished turning it over. Then we have to spray it twice for weeds and then let it rain........then when September comes it will be all hands on deck for tree planting.

Have a great week

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Robyn said...

Happy Birthday Micaela and it looks like you had a great party.
Wow it is cold down there!