Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Warning!!!! Serious Whinge coming UP!!!!

OMG it is freezing......yes, yes I know we have been freezing for some time now. But I mean it is freezing because our ducted heating has died!!!!! It is currently 3 degrees and we have no heating!!!!!!! Zac is home from school with a sore throat and cold, Jarred has a cold. I think Chris and the girls are the lucky ones, maybe they are a bit warmer being a work and school. And what is even worse is I can't get anyone to look at it until tomorrow. I am seriously thinking of turning the oven on and leaving the door open. Oh, if only I could fit in there!!! Ok, joking of course.

Happy Birthday To Drew for Friday and of course to our goregous Lizzie who's Birthday it was on Saturday. Hope you both had a wonderful day.

I have been a bit slack in the last week updating. Kloe had a middle ear infection, which was so bad the Doctor told me to give her pain stop. Jarred had croup which is now only a cold.... thank goodness. And then I got some tummy bug. So not such a good week. On a better note our fences are all finished, we don't have a gate that is up in the air any more. Will take some pic's when it is not raining. Chris has finally finished the prep work for the trees around the perimeter. We had farmer Bruce and his wife Sandy over on Saturday afternoon and then some of our neighbours Saturday evening. The boys sat outside around the fire.......way to cold out there for me and Micaela, we had a lovely evening looking at wedding pictures. Micaela went to an all day party on Sunday for her friend Jesse. Chris and I worked out in the yard most of the day. Inbetween showers, was a cold 11 degrees, but at least if you kept moving it was OK. Yesterday we went out for the day which was a lovely change from working around the house. We went to Rocklands, which is a resevior, then went for a bit of drive, stopping at the Chocolate Factory in Coleraine on the way home. Oh, wow!! so dangerous. Yummo, we all ate way to much chocolate on the drive home. Not long after we got home, Bruce arrived with a Male Finch for our two girls. They are not to happy about their new partner, they are ganging up on him. Hopefully they begin to get along and start to breed. We had to throw out another 7 eggs out on Sunday.

The fencing guys are back today. They are putting in a gate between our neighbours behind and our property. Steve (Our neighbour) and Trevor (the fencer) breed race horses. We have got to know these two, alot in the last two weeks. Trevor fixed the rest of our fencing for nothing!!! During the week.......he said it was a just because, for a friend. Lovely man. The gate is for us to be able to go back and forth easily.....mind you at no cost to us. We are going to let them use our top paddock to put their horse in while they get their paddocks sprayed and furtilised. Did I mention Miss M is in heaven!!! Just the though of having horses and fowl's on our land is "Just so Cool"

Ok, I think I need to get up and run around for a while to warm up.

Have a great week. Will add some pictures later.

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Kath and Drew said...

You poor darling, hope the eheating is now fixed. Really appreciate mod cons when they do not work. Thanks for birthday wishes for Drew. Hope Jarred has a great day on Saturday and that his parcel has arrived.