Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Birthday Boy

Today is Jarred's 4th Birthday. The word excitement doesn't even come close to describing how excited he was about his birthday. I was silly enough to tell him his birthday was after Micaela's, so we have spent the last few weeks with him asking is it my birthday today. He had everyone organised, he told us all, we had to make cards and wrap presents. He is just so cute!!! We were all expecting a very early wake up but he slept in until 7.40am. We had a fire last night and toasted marshmallows again, so it was a bit later to bed.....I think that helped. He woke up to a lounge room full of balloons and presents. Those words I think I have heard more than a thousand times "Is it my birthday?" Finally "Yes, today is your birthday". He then went running down the hall and loudly woke Kayla up with "Wake up Kayla it's my birthday" He waited until everyone was up and opened all his presents with care. He is now happily playing with his racing car track and dinosaurs. We are off to Mc Donalds for lunch and then hopefully the playground. Had some rain overnight and this morning, so fingers crossed. Then this afternoon we will have his cake.

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