Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to our Teenage Daughter

Chris had to go and wake up the Birthday Girl at 6.40am. He had to go and give his teenage daughter a kiss and cuddle for her Birthday as he won't see her this afternoon. Micaela is NOT a morning person. So this probably wasn't the best start to her day!!!! Jarred was up about 1 minute later sooooooooo excited. He had made a card and wrapped it up all by himself yesterday and could not wait to give it to his big sister. " She's not waking up Mum" he said. "Go give her a big cuddle and kiss and see if that works" I said. That did it!!! Out she came stumbling around. Of course she had to open her presents with lots of help. Lots of clothes, jewellery, bag, hairdryer and Elmo PJ's. She had also be spoilt with pressies being sent. Thank you to everyone.

The Birthday Girl still waking up

Ready for School

Well it's offical she is now a teenager.

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The Salisbury Family said...

Happy irthday Miss Micaela, Hope you had a wonderful day!

Hugs and kisses
the salisburys