Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catch Up

We had a busy week last week. Nothing inperticular, just general day to day things. Saturday we went to the big smoke. We went down to Warrambool for the day. They were having a big plant sale and we went and bought eight fruit trees, 20 English Box and a New Zealand Flax (to replace the one the dog tried to eat) The kids also had a look in K Mart and Jarred spent his Birthday money on some Tonka Trucks, Parking Station and A Golf Set. Kloe bought some glitter glue and paper. Zac got a new XBox game and Miss M got a new CD. Sunday was spent preparing and planting our fruit trees. It was an all day event. You would think with so much land it would be really easy to decide where to put a veggie garden????? Well no, it wasn't!!! We had to work out how big, as it is going to be fenced in as soon as we get our shed. Shed has been ordered just waiting for plans/approval. As you can see it was really cold. The sun was out in the morning but the breeze had ice in it I'm sure!!!

Photo's by Kayla

Our Air Con died again sometime during the early hours of Monday morning. It was so cold. The lovely Air Con guy came and patched it up again yesterday, waiting on parts. Fingers crossed it continues to work until the parts arrive. This morning was really foggy. I took the kids to school and then went grocery shopping and the fog was still really thick at 10 o'clock. The first pic was taken at 10am and the second an hour later. Still very cool outside, but it never feels as cold when the sun is out.

Jarred and I have just finished baking 4 dozen cupcakes for Kloe's cake stall at school tomorrow. They are raising money for their veggie garden.

My little helper and enjoying the beater.

Have a great week

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