Tuesday, June 19, 2007


And I'm happy to report it is not just me feeling the COLD. All the natives were complaining yesterday, so I didn't feeling so bad. Top temp of 6 degrees yesterday. It was freezing and wet, not very pleasant at all. Chris was checking out the weather on line last night and told me I would be happy to know we are not the coldest place in Victoria. We are the second coldest!! Did that make me feel better...................NO!!!!!! It was so cold the rain was turning into hail....well I suppose that is better than snow!!! I'm sure it was cold enough to snow! At least our ducted air was sort of fixed the other day. The guy had to order a part, when he told me this, all I could think of was OMG, how long do we have to be without heating!!! Luckily he got it to work, I think he took one look at me all rugged up and thought he had better do something fast!!!! The only problem is, it is so cold the unit keeps freezing up outside and goes through a defrost cycle, so you don't get any heating inside. It's happening alot!!! Ok, enough whinging.LOL

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