Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lipstick on my collar

This is Miss Kloe all dressed and ready for her concert at the Performing Arts Centre yesterday. All the primary schools in the district put on a concert. Baimbridge College sang, songs from the 50's. Kloe had to dress up in bright clothes and sing Lipstick on my collar. I cut some felt flowers out and sewed them onto some older clothes. She looked so cute. Very proud Mummy.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cairns swap meet

Another great day, we finally got the Pink Caddy weddding car finished on friday, now all we need is the Galaxy finnished.

Dust off the Shorts and Tee Shirts

well maybe......not quite yet!!

The weather has been glorious!!! Today we are expecting 22 degrees. Lovely clear blue sky and wonderful warm sun shine.

We headed into Melbourne Saturday morning to pick Mum up. It was a nice peaceful drive until be hit Ballarat. We have all decided we are not 'big city' people anymore. It was so busy, it was crazy. We all wanted to get out of there quick. After a quick stop and something to eat it was back in the car and onto Melbourne. We arrived at the airport way to early, as we didn't no how long it would take us. It was about a three hour trip in. We picked Nanna up and headed home again. We made another stop in Ballarat for some snacks. Wow that's a busy place even at 5pm. We made it home by 7pm. We were all very happy to be out of the car.

Yesterday was spent showing Mum around and enjoying the sun outside.

Have a great week

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Sun has been shinning........

for a few days now!!!

Must be time for a weather change.

It has been so, so nice to see the sun. It is really funny the temp hasn't increased, but it feels so much better and warmer to have the sun out(all in the head, I'm sure!! LOL). The heater got turned off yesterday and the house got a good airing out. Sheets changed and actually dried on the line. The weather has been so yuk, that most of the washing has been dried in the dryer or hanging inside. Nothing like that clean, fresh smell of line dried washing.

Chris started cricket training last night. It has been a few years since he has played. Well since he has had the opportunity to play. He really enjoyed it. I told him not to hurt anything, didn't want him whinging. Matches start in early October.
And a few more pages....slowly catching up (only have a few year to go!!)

Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

School Muscial

Last night Micaela, Zac and I went to the school muscial 'Class of 77'. It was held at the Performing Arts Centre in town. Chris stayed home and put the two little ones to bed and enjoyed a very quite evening without us. The show went for over 2 hours and was six months in the making. It was a great evening, even though it is not really his thing, Zac really enjoyed it. Micaela wanted to see what it was all about, before putting her hand up to do it. Hopefully next year she will join in the fun.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Ryan

Happy Birthday
to our Gorgeous Nephew
and Cousin
who turns 7 today.
Hope you have a great day!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Shopping, Horses and Boxing?????

Saturday morning Micaela, Kloe and I headed into town for a girls only shopping morning. Hamilton is still back in the dark ages......all the shops close at lunch time. The girls enjoyed having a look around. Micaela was the big spender and bought herself a new phone, after her old one died the other week. Kloe bought some craft supplies (so much like her mother LOL!!) and came home and created all afternoon. The boys were busy at home moving all the stuff into the new shed.

And here is our visitor. This is Ruby. Ruby has taken awhile to settle down. All the kids are enjoying going out and patting her and feeding her(When she is in the mood). She would have to be the luckiest, best fed horse around.

Sunday was spent cleaning out the garage and going through all the shed boxes that hadn't been opened yet. The garage is so much better, there is so much space to actually walk around in there now. And there is still plenty of room in the huge shed.

Jarred and Micaela are both home sick today. Miss M looks like she has gone a few rounds in a boxing ring. She has conjunctivitis. With both eyes red and swollen. Jarred has a high temp. We have just returned from the Doc's. Jarred has middle ear infection in both ears and a throat infection. The whole town is suffering from colds, flu's, ear and throat infections. More medicine, more panadol and more money!!! Never a dull moment in this house.

Nanna is coming to visit us. She arrives on Saturday and is staying a few weeks. The kids are very excited. We haven't seen her for a year now. It will be our first time traveling into the big smoke, since we have moved here.

Enjoy the week!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wow! Where has the week gone???

It's Friday already. The week has just flown by. Nothing special has happened this week but the week has disappeared incredibly fast. It's cool and pouring down with rain. I'm so, so over it. I want the sun to shine and the temp to increase.

Where are all the lurkers????? If you read this blog, leave a comment every now and then. You don't have to sign up or anything, just selected 'other' put your name in and let us know you dropped by. Like my little cuz out there (Hi Adrian!!) who decided to say Hi after reading our blog for 12 months!!!! And to those of you who like to leave regular comments, good on you!! It makes me feel like I'm not just talking to myself. LOL!!

And a just because pic - because It makes me smile!!

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How cold was Hamilton this morning?

I'll give you a clue..............

It was freezing!!!! We woke to a very white winter's morning.

Kloe is home again today. She has a sore ear. Jarred has a full blown cold and cough again. We are off to the doctor's later.
They haven't been back to finish the shed. I took these pic's on Thursday before they poured the slab. They do things different here, the slab goes down last!!! Will have to take some more when they are finished.

And that big pile of crushed rock is what Chris and I moved on Saturday.
Micaela had to create a postcard for homework last night. We spent hours looking at pictures of where we have lived and places we have visited. She had such a hard time picking just one picture to use. She ended up picking a picture, taken at Yellow Waters of a Lotus Lily.
Otherwise same old, same old....................

Sunday, August 12, 2007

On the road to recovery

Everyone is much better. Thank goodness. Kloe still has a cough, but otherwise is ok. Our shed only needs locks and downpipes put on and it is finished. We will be able to start putting things in there tomorrow. Chris and I spent yesterday, outside spreading a pile of crushed rock, that was left over from the shed base. We filled potholes in the driveway, we really need to get the whole driveway topped up, with crushed rock as most of it has been washed away. We had a delivery of pea straw. We spread 10 bales over the veggie patch. It was cool outside and we had to work around showers of rain but it was nice to be outside. We also worked out where our new fence is going to go around the house and shed. Today we got a four leggered visitor. It's female, big and brown. And all the kids want one........................We now have a horse, that is going to breed the next big race winner in our paddock (Well that's what our neighbour and friend tell us anyway!!) Trevor who is part owner in the horse and also the guy that did our fences, came and sectioned off our top paddock. Not just a quick fix, he put posts in and ran electric tape around. All free of cost to us, for letting them use our paddock for a few weeks. Not a bad trade. They are trying to wean the foal and had to seperate them. The kids are in heaven. They are outside watching the horse run up and down the fence calling to her baby. It's really cold outside and they will all probably come inside sick again. But there is no way we were going to stop them.

Hopefully it will be back to normal this week, fingers crossed! (But I won't hold my breath)

Have a great week.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Make that 5 down again!!!

I got another phone call about 11 am from Kloe's teacher saying to come and get her. She had been coughing all morning. She was fine this morning!!! Always the way. While I was at school I thought I had better check on Zac. His nose was runny and he had a headache, so I thought it was better I brought him home. The chorus in this house is sounding just "horrible". Cough, sneeze, cough sneeze. I still Ok, touch wood!! But with all these germs....YUK!!!

5 down, one to go

Well let's hope not!!!!

Sick, sick, sick, sick and sick. Yesterday everyone was home sick.......all except me. They were coughing and sneezing all over me. Yuk!! I threatened to line them all up and shoot them. (Only joking, I promise) They all have had a cold with sore throat and cough. Chris went back to work today, Zac and Kloe are back at school. Only Micaela is still not well.

Edited to add: Just had a call from Chris, I have to go and pick him up. He is still not up to work!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sheep on the Brain!!!

The challenge this month is cards. Well I have sheep on the brain after this is what I made last night. Got lots of other ideas to add to the collection. So watch out!!

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Baaaaaaaa, just another one!!

This was my favourite one. It was the hip and happening "sheep" it had dread locks.
P.S. Just for you Miss Wetting Her know who you are!!

Sheepvention.......what's all the fuss!!

We wanted to know what all this fuss was about "Sheepvention" The kids got the day off school. Now what can be so interesting about sheep? Sheepvention is the equivalent to a regional show, it is a really big event in Hamilton and the region. We spent 4.5hrs walking around there yesterday afternoon and we didn't end up seeing it all. The kids loved looking at all the animals. We didn't realise how many different types of sheep there are.

Huge pavilions filled with all types of sheep

Zac and his friend Donald patting a sheep

Baa Baa black sheep?

Kloe patting another

Look at this beauty. This ram was the most gentle, gorgeous looking specimen.

And an Alpaca or two

The Alpaca's were so cute

Look at the size of this one!!

And more sheep

And some more sheep

Oh, and a lamb or two........

Sheep sheering

Bare sheep. Micaela was so upset the had cuts on them.

and for something different....a police car

Chris even got his boots polished for nothing.

Yes, I was the only crazy person walking around the show with a camera taking photo's. It was lots of fun. The kids loved watching the sheep dog trials, that's about the only thing I didn't take any pictures of. It was very interesting and the kids learnt a lot about "Sheep"

Friday, August 03, 2007's really scary!!!

This is what I'm up against with Zac...........

This is what I get, when I ask him to smile!!!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Painting........Oh, what fun!!

Well I have procrastinated was time to start on the fun job of painting. I thought I had done my life time share of painting in our house in Cairns. Most of our new house has only been undercoated and in some places one top coat. There are places that are still raw timber. The doors have been driving me crazy. So off to the paint shop I went and came home armed with supplies. We have 14 internal doors!!!! Most of them only undercoated on the front and back, not on the sides. So I washed them down, sanded them and then started painting. I have three more sides to go and then they would have all had one coat.

Our shed was finally delivered today. The builder came out yesterday to look at the floor and scratched his head, took another look, scratched his head.......not a good sign!!!! "This is a huge job" was his reply. The kitchen all has to be taken out, all the skirtings taken off. He said we are looking at a few weeks worth of work. Everything sits on the timber floor!!!!! He has to send out his flooring guys, to have a look.

Happy dance, happy dance.......I won the Diva's challenge. I get a $20 gift voucher. The challenges were all based around Christmas in July, hence the Christmas Layouts.


Challenge one

Challenge Two

Challenge 3

Hope you all..........................................
and week!!!