Thursday, August 02, 2007

Painting........Oh, what fun!!

Well I have procrastinated was time to start on the fun job of painting. I thought I had done my life time share of painting in our house in Cairns. Most of our new house has only been undercoated and in some places one top coat. There are places that are still raw timber. The doors have been driving me crazy. So off to the paint shop I went and came home armed with supplies. We have 14 internal doors!!!! Most of them only undercoated on the front and back, not on the sides. So I washed them down, sanded them and then started painting. I have three more sides to go and then they would have all had one coat.

Our shed was finally delivered today. The builder came out yesterday to look at the floor and scratched his head, took another look, scratched his head.......not a good sign!!!! "This is a huge job" was his reply. The kitchen all has to be taken out, all the skirtings taken off. He said we are looking at a few weeks worth of work. Everything sits on the timber floor!!!!! He has to send out his flooring guys, to have a look.

Happy dance, happy dance.......I won the Diva's challenge. I get a $20 gift voucher. The challenges were all based around Christmas in July, hence the Christmas Layouts.


Challenge one

Challenge Two

Challenge 3

Hope you all..........................................
and week!!!


The Salisbury Family said...

Enjoy the painting, will look fab when you are done.

Congrats on winning the challenges, more beautiful artwork from you :)

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

I dont envy you with the painting Mel. Good luck with the rest though. And congrats (again) on your winning LO for the Divas CC and your other awesome challenges. You are one seriously talented girl. Your work is fabulous.
See you round Divas.