Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sheepvention.......what's all the fuss!!

We wanted to know what all this fuss was about "Sheepvention" The kids got the day off school. Now what can be so interesting about sheep? Sheepvention is the equivalent to a regional show, it is a really big event in Hamilton and the region. We spent 4.5hrs walking around there yesterday afternoon and we didn't end up seeing it all. The kids loved looking at all the animals. We didn't realise how many different types of sheep there are.

Huge pavilions filled with all types of sheep

Zac and his friend Donald patting a sheep

Baa Baa black sheep?

Kloe patting another

Look at this beauty. This ram was the most gentle, gorgeous looking specimen.

And an Alpaca or two

The Alpaca's were so cute

Look at the size of this one!!

And more sheep

And some more sheep

Oh, and a lamb or two........

Sheep sheering

Bare sheep. Micaela was so upset the had cuts on them.

and for something different....a police car

Chris even got his boots polished for nothing.

Yes, I was the only crazy person walking around the show with a camera taking photo's. It was lots of fun. The kids loved watching the sheep dog trials, that's about the only thing I didn't take any pictures of. It was very interesting and the kids learnt a lot about "Sheep"

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Rachael said...

stop, stop I'm ready to pee myself - baaaaaa! hehehe. Did I tell you that I was from a sheep farming background :P thanks for shearing, I mean sharing LOL!