Sunday, August 12, 2007

On the road to recovery

Everyone is much better. Thank goodness. Kloe still has a cough, but otherwise is ok. Our shed only needs locks and downpipes put on and it is finished. We will be able to start putting things in there tomorrow. Chris and I spent yesterday, outside spreading a pile of crushed rock, that was left over from the shed base. We filled potholes in the driveway, we really need to get the whole driveway topped up, with crushed rock as most of it has been washed away. We had a delivery of pea straw. We spread 10 bales over the veggie patch. It was cool outside and we had to work around showers of rain but it was nice to be outside. We also worked out where our new fence is going to go around the house and shed. Today we got a four leggered visitor. It's female, big and brown. And all the kids want one........................We now have a horse, that is going to breed the next big race winner in our paddock (Well that's what our neighbour and friend tell us anyway!!) Trevor who is part owner in the horse and also the guy that did our fences, came and sectioned off our top paddock. Not just a quick fix, he put posts in and ran electric tape around. All free of cost to us, for letting them use our paddock for a few weeks. Not a bad trade. They are trying to wean the foal and had to seperate them. The kids are in heaven. They are outside watching the horse run up and down the fence calling to her baby. It's really cold outside and they will all probably come inside sick again. But there is no way we were going to stop them.

Hopefully it will be back to normal this week, fingers crossed! (But I won't hold my breath)

Have a great week.

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The Salisbury Family said...

The horse sounds wonderful, wow you guys have been busy with the house and yard! Cant wait to see pics :)