Monday, August 27, 2007

Dust off the Shorts and Tee Shirts

well maybe......not quite yet!!

The weather has been glorious!!! Today we are expecting 22 degrees. Lovely clear blue sky and wonderful warm sun shine.

We headed into Melbourne Saturday morning to pick Mum up. It was a nice peaceful drive until be hit Ballarat. We have all decided we are not 'big city' people anymore. It was so busy, it was crazy. We all wanted to get out of there quick. After a quick stop and something to eat it was back in the car and onto Melbourne. We arrived at the airport way to early, as we didn't no how long it would take us. It was about a three hour trip in. We picked Nanna up and headed home again. We made another stop in Ballarat for some snacks. Wow that's a busy place even at 5pm. We made it home by 7pm. We were all very happy to be out of the car.

Yesterday was spent showing Mum around and enjoying the sun outside.

Have a great week

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Joyce said...

Glad your mum got there safely, have a great holiday with her