Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RIP - Hetty Hen

Hetty the Hen, died during the night. Hetty was Kayla's chook. She wasn't looking too good yesterday. She was the meanest girl. She was the one that was always attaching the new chooks. She wasn't a good layer either. But she was Kayla's and poor Kayla is so upset.

Now I'm a real girly girl and don't do yuk things. But I couldn't leave this dead chook in the hen house all day. If you were watching this morning, you would have got a good laugh. So I ring Chris, who is in a meeting. He says, in a very quite voice "Get a garbage bag and put it in there and throw it in the bin" Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, deep breath, ok I can do this. I tell Zac, I need him to help. Kayla is in tears - remind me never to let the kids 'have a chook' and name it. Jarred and Kloe just want to see it. I was so thankful it was in one of the boxes. Zac holds the bag and I try to tip it in, so the brick that weighs the box down, stays put. No, everything decided to fall in, box and all. I retrieve the box, the brick can stay in there. I carry a very heavy bag, ewwwwwww, ewwwwww to the bin. Jarred and Kloe are asking a millions questions. I come back around and the back door is open. The other five chooks have decided to move house. All five of them are inside the house. OMG OMG! We spent the next five minutes chasing the chooks through the house.

I can actually laugh about it now. Wasn't doing a lot of laughing this

My sample pages from the weekends CyberCrop at Diva's

Two more pages accepted by Scrapbooking Memories, in the last few days. I have one in the latest magazine. Titled 'Wish' it is an older one of Kloe blowing bubbles.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello Diva's, I was expecting you!

Hello to all you Diva's who are participating in my Blog Hop Challenge.

Before I moved to Hamilton. I lived in Jabiru, which is in Kakadu National Park.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cold and Wet...............

Perfect for sitting inside with the fire blazing and creating these:

Friday, May 16, 2008

You are going to get sick of seeing these photo's

I think I am going to be using, the photo's I took on the weekend a lot. They are so nice. Here are a few pages using them. And an older photo of Kloe with her Opa.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A super quick one........

I have exactly 5 minutes before I have to race out the door, to go to a meeting for Jarred for School for next year. I can not believe my baby is off to big school next year.
I was so lucky to have a lovely Mothers Day on Sunday. We went to Portland for lunch and then went out to Cape Bridgewater. The kids all co-operated and had photo's. I just totally love them.

And this came from our chook yesterday. On the left is a normal size egg on the right is our super sized egg. And Chris has broccoli coming in from the garden now. It is Yummmo!

Ok, five minutes is up. See ya!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Time has got away

Wow, where has that last week gone????

The kids have all had, a cold and sore throat. Each of them having time off school and kindy.

Touch wood Chris and I haven't had it yet. Must be all those home grown tomatoes we have been eating, they say they are full of Vitamin C.

A few pic's from the weekend. Jarred and Kloe spent most of Saturday outside playing.

I have been, very busy creating pages for DIVA's
This is using, The all new Diva Designer Kits.
They are a bargain for $10. This is what I made with the kit
The kit includes:
1 Paper Trunk Patterned Paper - Ravishing1 Basic Grey Patterned Paper - Extract1 Bazzil mini Scalloped - Coal1 Bazzill Cardstock - Olive1 American Crafts Foam Alphas - Latte1 Collections Cream Journal Card1 metre of ribbon - Kaki and white double stitched1 Kaiser Pearls - Latte
It wasn't my usual cup of tea. But I loved the challenge of using something different.
The next Diva's CyberCrop is on the 23rd May. Go to the Diva's forum and enter.
Other scrapping news:
Another page accepted by Scrapbooking Memories this week. One of Miss Kayla in the kitchen for their Hobbies Gallery. She thinks it is hilarious, her cooking as a hobby.
I have also been asked to do a product challenge for Scrapbooking Memories. They commission you, to create something for the magazine with new products. Very exciting and a bit scary. I received my pack of goodies the other day. Now I have to create magic! Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Look what we've got.....

And not without our usual drama's. I got a phone call, first thing yesterday morning. "We are supposed to be installing your fire today". I didn't like the sound of this. While unpacking the hearth they discovered it was damaged. I was not impressed, as we have been waiting weeks for this. After a lot of sweet talking, I get "I suppose we can install it and then replace it later, when we have the new one" Now they were talking. Just as well the hearth was damaged, as we need a bigger one. When they went to install it, there was roof timbers in the way. So they had to move the heater out further from the wall. As you can see from the pic's the heater sits very close to the edge.

So today is "Cold, wet and windy" outside. Inside it's nice and warm and toasty. We are all loving it already.

I had another page accepted by Scrapbooking Memories yesterday for their 'Dad's Gallery'

Here is my page from Rach's online class at DIVA'S
I have been working on some other stuff. But you will have to wait for that. It's all secret Design Team Stuff.