Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A super quick one........

I have exactly 5 minutes before I have to race out the door, to go to a meeting for Jarred for School for next year. I can not believe my baby is off to big school next year.
I was so lucky to have a lovely Mothers Day on Sunday. We went to Portland for lunch and then went out to Cape Bridgewater. The kids all co-operated and had photo's. I just totally love them.

And this came from our chook yesterday. On the left is a normal size egg on the right is our super sized egg. And Chris has broccoli coming in from the garden now. It is Yummmo!

Ok, five minutes is up. See ya!

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Rachael said...

great photos, gosh they are starting to really look alike aren't they. Tell Kayla I love that photo of her, women would kill for cheeks like that!
Oh and my eyes were watering for that poor chook to lay such a big egg!!!