Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello Diva's, I was expecting you!

Hello to all you Diva's who are participating in my Blog Hop Challenge.

Before I moved to Hamilton. I lived in Jabiru, which is in Kakadu National Park.


Amanda said...

Greetings Mel, looks like I'm the first Diva aboard. Pleased to be here!

marijana said...

hey Mel!!!!
you know why Im here today -lol
but you know I CHECK your blog all the time anyway :)


Rachael said...

gosh Amanda is quick!!! Looks like I beat M though. ROFL - so if you are expecting us, then wheres the tea and scones???

Anonymous said...

Did you put the kettle on? .. you were expecting us yeah? Thanks for the challenge Mel :)

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Hi sweetie, blog hopping with the other girls but you know I always visit you and leave a comment anyway! Loving your Guest DT work at Divas, you rock.
Love H.

marijana said...

Lol rach-dont think so tho!!!!!
LOOK at the post ABOVE yours my sweet :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, just dropped by to day HELLO to you Nat.

Vicky said...

Hello little angel!!

Louise said...

oooh Mel it looks like Im the last [lol]. Waving madly from SA, Lou :)x

Nicole said...

Hiya Mels,

Just the last one, yeah I'm slack.