Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back to School - 2008

Today was the day. The day Kloe was very excited about and the day Micaela and Zac hoped didn't have to come. Today was Back to School.

After lots of thinking and agonising it was decided Our little Miss Kloe would be going to a new school this year. She is going to repeat Year 2. As most of you are aware, we have had the problem of Kloe being too young, for the class she has been in for the last few years. She was very excited about going to her new school, not like Mummy who was so nervous (Was it the right decision, is she going to be alright, will she make friends, will she find the toilet LOL) We got to meet her teacher yesterday. She is a lovely young lady who has just finished Uni and reminds me very much of Kloe's favourite teacher Miss Zangara from Jabiru.

So Miss Kloe is at Hamilton North Primary School in Year 2 and her teacher is Miss Uebeurgang (Don't think I spelt it right)

Mr Zac is in Year 6 this year at Baimbridge College. His homeroom teacher is Mrs Edwards.

Miss Kayla is in Year 8 at Baimbridge College. She had no idea who her teacher was.

So this year is going to be very busy with three drop off's and pick up's. Jarred has an orientation session at Kindy tomorrow. He starts back officially on Tuesday. He will be going three days a week. Tues 9-2pm Wed 11.15-4.15pm Thurs 9-2pm. I don't really like the Wednesday times but I don't have a choice!! He is now in the 4 year old Kinder group. He wants to go to school, he is so ready.

The house is so quite......................

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday we went to Mayson's 4th Birthday Party. Jarred and Mayson go to Kindy together and have become really good friends. Rachael had made a fantastic train cake. Jarred has decided he wants one the same for his birthday. Happy Birthday Mayson.

Saturday - Happy Australia Day

Cricket.......well it's another one of those "Not talking about it matches" They lost, in a big way AGAIN!

I scrapped on Saturday afternoon. I did the three challenges and card challenge at DIVA's

Sunday we went to South Australia. Sounds like a long way, away doesn't it? It's just over an hours drive from here. We stopped in Nelson to have a look and then went to Mt Gambier. We looked at Blue Lakes. (Picture below) The water is so blue, it looks like they have added dye to the water. Amazing.

Then we went to Port MacDonnell. The water was just as blue here.

Camel Rock

Rhino Rock

Monday - Veggie Garden. Digging up potato's. Chris dug up three plants and we got 9 kilo's of potato's. We had potato wedges for dinner. They were voted "The Best Potato's we had ever eaten"

Jarred was impressed with the size of this one.

I made some new cushions for the lounge

Our First capsicum also came off the bush.
And our chooks, got their first taste of 'free ranging' around the backyard. Under very close supervision. The dogs are getting use to them, but don't think we could let them out just yet , without watching the dog's every move. OH, and I also had my first experience with clipping a chooks wings. Chris did the holding and I had to do the snipping. After the first one, it was easy.

They spotted themselves in the glass door. They were so funny to watch.

And tomorrow is Back to School for 2008. Kloe and Jarred are both excited to be going back to school and kindy. Micaela and Zac would rather stay on holidays.
Have a great week!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

'For Keeps' is out

I went into the newsagent this morning and was delighted to see the latest 'For Keeps' was out. My layout "Wet Kiss" was finally in print. I almost cried in the middle of the shop. It looks terrible. They have played with the colours and it looks "BLAH". I can't believe they have used a whole page for it. I haven't got it back yet, so I can't even show you what it should look like. Very sad. So here it is. Actually, the colours in my picture are a bit better. In the mag the chocolate background looks very red.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Doin' the happy dance

I am one happy little vegemite this morning. I got TWO pages accepted to be published in Scrapbooking Memories. One of them you will see a few posts down. Can you pick, which one it is?????? No one here understands my excitement, oh well!!!! Just have to dance on my own.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yes, it was my Birthday

On Friday I celebrated my 35th Birthday. I really don't like birthday's that end in 5's and 0's. I'm starting to feel OLD. I received lots of lovely presents and cards. Thank you everyone.

And my wonderful friend Rach made this for me. The postmans timing was perfect. It was delivered to my door on my birthday. I am one very lucky girl. It is gorgeous.
And with some hinting, I got a birthday cake. Poor Kloe was so worried that I wouldn't have one. Dad saved the day and whipped one up, thanks to Safeway.

And this is our first egg.......................we have only had one since. Two so far......these chookies need to hurry up. Jarred got the first one, Kloe had the second......Zac's waiting on his.
Our first cherry tomatoes. I was lucky to get a photo of them, before they disappeared.

And some playdough fun.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Some of my favourites

A few of my favourite pages from the weekend.

Nasty Girls

There is a problem in the chook pen!

The girls have been bullies. Poor little "Chicken Little" has been picked on. She has a nasty bleeding foot. Chris had to make a seperate holding pen for her last night - Nasty Girls. Hopefully she will heal quickly. We will put her back and see how they go. If it's not one thing, it's another!

We are not talking about cricket AGAIN................yes, they lost, another game they should have won. They played between showers and the cricket 'whites' are now very black.

We have had showers since Friday afternoon. Everything has a slight 'green' tinge to it now. So much nicer, to see things green.

Today we are off to buy school shoes. Three lots of school shoes and three lots of sports shoes. Shoe shopping is always sooooooooo difficult. Both the girls have very narrow feet and it is so difficult to find shoes that fit. Fingers crossed it will be painless.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Zucchini anyone?

Just before Christmas our zucchini's were starting to produce. While we were away our neighbours were picking a few a day. We are still getting a few every second day. I have made Zuccchini everything. We have had steamed, bbq, baked, slice, muffins, relish and cake. MMMM cake you ask? It was so yummy, just like carrot cake.
Our veggie patch


Chris planted these sunflowers such a long time ago. Finally they have grown. They don't like the cold (bit like me!) they waited until it warmed up a bit before they grew.

Veggie patch from the back - you can see how dry everything has become

Believe it or not - this is one of our seedling trees that we planted in September. They were so tiny, now look at them.

Front of our house. Petunia's have made a nice show along the front of the house. They are almost finished.

My standard roses - I'm still convincing Chris they are beautiful.

And our latest visitors. We have our neighbours (10) sheep. Much prefer the cows to the sheep. At least the cow's had some personality. Sheep are just plain dumb and smell! However we will be having lots of 'lamb' soon. BBQ, get the picture!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

OMG - We have an EGG

Jarred has been checking every half an hour (at least) we have had a few false alarms........he really wanted anything that looks slightly white to be an egg. But just a little while ago, we got our first one. Jarred's chook lays white eggs (the others all lay brown) so we know it was his, clever little chook!!!

We have four new additions to the family

After many years of wanting, waiting, building, planning.......we are the very proud owners of four chooks. One for each of the kids. We have three different shades of brown and one white/black one. They are 20 weeks old and ready to lay.

The kids got to name their own chook, so we have:

Kayla - Medium brown named "Hetty Hen"
Zac - Dark Brown named "Chicken Little"
Kloe - Caramel Brown named "Henny Penny"
Jarred - White/Black named ummm let's just say it's name is changing every minute. So far we have had Scrambled, Chook, Chickie. Will let you know when he decides on it's name.

So fingers crossed we will have our own fresh eggs really soon.

On the road to HOME

We left Jervis Bay early Sunday morning and headed for Mallacoota. Mallacoota is just over the Victorian border. It was a five hour drive. We set up our camp site and then went exploring.

Day Two

After two nights in Mallacoota it was time to hit the road again. It was another long drive. We left Mallacoota about 9am and arrived at Sorrento at 4pm. Just in time to catch the ferry across Port Phillip Bay. It was a nice break in the drive. Then it was just under three hours to home.

Home again. We arrived home and the grass was long and so brown. Hamilton had been very hot while we were away, with no rain. All our trees had grown and of course our dogs were very excited to see us.