Friday, January 18, 2008

Zucchini anyone?

Just before Christmas our zucchini's were starting to produce. While we were away our neighbours were picking a few a day. We are still getting a few every second day. I have made Zuccchini everything. We have had steamed, bbq, baked, slice, muffins, relish and cake. MMMM cake you ask? It was so yummy, just like carrot cake.
Our veggie patch


Chris planted these sunflowers such a long time ago. Finally they have grown. They don't like the cold (bit like me!) they waited until it warmed up a bit before they grew.

Veggie patch from the back - you can see how dry everything has become

Believe it or not - this is one of our seedling trees that we planted in September. They were so tiny, now look at them.

Front of our house. Petunia's have made a nice show along the front of the house. They are almost finished.

My standard roses - I'm still convincing Chris they are beautiful.

And our latest visitors. We have our neighbours (10) sheep. Much prefer the cows to the sheep. At least the cow's had some personality. Sheep are just plain dumb and smell! However we will be having lots of 'lamb' soon. BBQ, get the picture!

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Brian Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Floss.

Good to see the garden doing so well after the start it got when you moved in.