Thursday, January 17, 2008

We have four new additions to the family

After many years of wanting, waiting, building, planning.......we are the very proud owners of four chooks. One for each of the kids. We have three different shades of brown and one white/black one. They are 20 weeks old and ready to lay.

The kids got to name their own chook, so we have:

Kayla - Medium brown named "Hetty Hen"
Zac - Dark Brown named "Chicken Little"
Kloe - Caramel Brown named "Henny Penny"
Jarred - White/Black named ummm let's just say it's name is changing every minute. So far we have had Scrambled, Chook, Chickie. Will let you know when he decides on it's name.

So fingers crossed we will have our own fresh eggs really soon.

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