Friday, January 11, 2008

Ready to hit the road

Saturday 22nd, all ready to hit the road. We were due to drive from Hamilton to Albury and then camp the night in Albury. It poured with rain all day Friday all over Victoria. We started off with that in mind. Knowing that if we got to Albury and it was too wet, we would have to keep driving. We left home about 7.40am. We hoped to leave by 8am, so we were doing well and already ahead of schedule. It was a cold 10 degrees and raining as we left Hamilton. We kept swapping drivers about every 200kms. It was a real easy drive. As we were getting closer to Albury all the paddocks were under water and with huge black clouds behind us, we decided to keep going. We were only 1/2hour into our drive before Jarred asked "Are we there yet?". We gave Oma and Opa a call about 4.30pm telling them we would be there that night. We arrived at their place about 8.30pm. It took us a further 1/2 hour trying to park our trailer in their very tight street. Hello Sydney........we have arrived!

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