Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yes, it was my Birthday

On Friday I celebrated my 35th Birthday. I really don't like birthday's that end in 5's and 0's. I'm starting to feel OLD. I received lots of lovely presents and cards. Thank you everyone.

And my wonderful friend Rach made this for me. The postmans timing was perfect. It was delivered to my door on my birthday. I am one very lucky girl. It is gorgeous.
And with some hinting, I got a birthday cake. Poor Kloe was so worried that I wouldn't have one. Dad saved the day and whipped one up, thanks to Safeway.

And this is our first egg.......................we have only had one since. Two so far......these chookies need to hurry up. Jarred got the first one, Kloe had the second......Zac's waiting on his.
Our first cherry tomatoes. I was lucky to get a photo of them, before they disappeared.

And some playdough fun.


Brian Bailey said...
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Brian Bailey said...

If turning 35 makes you feel old how do you think I feel. I still remember your birthday it like it was yesterday.
luv ya, see you soon.