Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back to School - 2008

Today was the day. The day Kloe was very excited about and the day Micaela and Zac hoped didn't have to come. Today was Back to School.

After lots of thinking and agonising it was decided Our little Miss Kloe would be going to a new school this year. She is going to repeat Year 2. As most of you are aware, we have had the problem of Kloe being too young, for the class she has been in for the last few years. She was very excited about going to her new school, not like Mummy who was so nervous (Was it the right decision, is she going to be alright, will she make friends, will she find the toilet LOL) We got to meet her teacher yesterday. She is a lovely young lady who has just finished Uni and reminds me very much of Kloe's favourite teacher Miss Zangara from Jabiru.

So Miss Kloe is at Hamilton North Primary School in Year 2 and her teacher is Miss Uebeurgang (Don't think I spelt it right)

Mr Zac is in Year 6 this year at Baimbridge College. His homeroom teacher is Mrs Edwards.

Miss Kayla is in Year 8 at Baimbridge College. She had no idea who her teacher was.

So this year is going to be very busy with three drop off's and pick up's. Jarred has an orientation session at Kindy tomorrow. He starts back officially on Tuesday. He will be going three days a week. Tues 9-2pm Wed 11.15-4.15pm Thurs 9-2pm. I don't really like the Wednesday times but I don't have a choice!! He is now in the 4 year old Kinder group. He wants to go to school, he is so ready.

The house is so quite......................


Anonymous said...

they look absolutely gorgeous! I think you have made the right decision about Miss Kloe, I bet she will thrive!

Hugs to all

Rachael said...

booo hooo
A tear and a sniff after reading that. I feel your sadness and stress, if only I was there to share some cheesecake with you. Hope you are coping with the quiet well enough. Kloe is going to do great and you know it.
LOL at Jarred - he looked like he belonged in the school photo with matching colours and all.

Brian Bailey said...

Things will not be quite for long Rachael. The noise arrives on Saturday.
Cannot wait to take the kids to school next week, they look great and all grown since I last saw them.b