Monday, April 30, 2007

Glorious Rain

This is the wonderful double rainbow that was out on Saturday afternoon (Sorry couldn't upload it yesterday - had to work out how to resize it with my new program/laptop) We had a steady drizzle starting not long after we got to school for the working bee. Chris was busy making garden beds and I was painting the Great "Green" wall of Baimbridge College. Left at one o'clock to come home and start here. The drizzle turned into heavy showers. The boys headed off to Auskick but returned rather quickly with a drowned and cold, Zac. Was a rather cold 13 degrees - was ok if you were busy doing things, you didn't notice it. Everything has a more green tinge to it today. Hopefully we get some more rain and we might even have some grass soon!!! Poor Kloe starts a two week swimming program today, at least it is at the indoor pool. But it is going to be soooooo cold getting changed. Hope she doesn't get sick.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

There is wet stuff falling from the Sky

Oh, that's right it is rain!!!!!! Yes it has been raining. Don't know if it will be drought braking rain but it has been so, so nice to have a shower without buckets and not having to cart water for the last two days. Hooray!!!!! Everything has a slight green tinge to it. We had a gorgeous rainbow out yesterday afternoon, it was reflecting off our deck, it was so bright. No rain yet this morning but we had a thick fog and woke up to a white wonderland.

Both Micaela and Zac had friends stay over last night. Lucky we have a big enough house!!!
Today we are off to a working bee at school for Kloe's "Waterwise Garden" and this afternoon Auskick starts.

Seven it is

Well it's been a few days now and it looks like 7 is it. We are hoping we will get one baby bird at least so the kids can see and experience the wonder of life. But, I suppose the odds are pretty high and we might get a few more than one - well lets hope, fingers crossed.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Birthday OMA

We know she doesn't have a computer of her own but sometimes has a look when she goes to Donna's.

Sending you lots of love and kisses on your special day

Only 6 - Oh Make that 7

As soon as Jarred got up yesterday morning we had to go and check how many eggs were in the nest. We counted (6). I said to him "It looks like that's all our birdie is going to have" Not even 1/2hr later Chris had a look and there was a nice new shiny egg. Make that SEVEN! Only seven in there this morning. But who knows, she might surprise us!!!

Had a nice relaxing day yesterday. Only had to run a taxi service with the kids. Zac had his friend Jack over for the day and Micaela went into town with her friends for a few hours. Made some things for Kloe's Mother's Day Stall. Chris sprayed weeds for several hours again!!! It's amazing how little water weeds need!! Back to work and school today.

Oh, and we got a new little toy to play with. A new Laptop. Chris salary sacrified with ERA and the only way we could claim our money back was to buy one. So yesterday was also spent loading software and playing. It will take a while to get use to. I'm typing this while it's sitting on the kitchen bench.

Have a great day

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And then there was 6

Yes!! 6!!! They sure have been busy. The bird on the left is Spice (Mother) and on the right Sugar (Will have to think about changing his name now we know he is a male!!!)
In other news our car is in for service today and I'm waiting on the plumber because our hot water service is leaking and tripping the safety switch. Jarred and Kloe were not to happy having to have a rather cool bath in the cold weather. Chris reset it and at least it held out for the rest of us to have a quick hot shower.
Jarred is now going to Kindy two days a week Monday 9-11am and Friday 9-12midday. I'm so pleased his teacher finally made room for him on the Friday. He just loves going and is so ready to learn. He will not start school until 2009!!! Amazing when you think he would have started school in the NT this year.
Kloe is particpating in the Premier's Reading Challenge and has to read/or experience at least 30 books. We read 8 books last night. She is really enjoying reading and spelling and is coming along so well.
Ok, I'm off to make Jarred some Popcorn. "With Butter and Salt I said MUM"

Monday, April 23, 2007

Well done Kath and Drew

You are the only ones that leave regular comments on our Blog. We all love reading them. So to everyone else it's about time you spent an extra 2 secs and left some!!!! You have been told.

And now there is 4

Who said finches only lay one egg per day - well in our case, one per night. We struck it lucky, last night and got two. We all get up in the morning and the first thing we do is have a look and see if there is anymore. You should have heard the kids when there were another two in the nest this morning! Jarred wants to know if he can decorate them!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

North Hamilton Kindy Celebrates 40th Birthday

Jarred's Kindy Celebrated it's 40th Birthday today with a Family Gala Day. There was free face painting, jumping castle, pony rides, mini police car rides, free show bags and lots of stalls and food. Jarred also made a handprint tile to be put up at the Kindy. Jarred and Kloe had a wonderful time and are now happily playing with their balloons and showbags.

Now there is Two

Two little eggs in our Birdies nest. As soon as Micaela returned from her Playathon she read up on the mating of finches. Finches can lay between 2 and 8 eggs at a time on average they lay 3-5eggs. They lay only one egg per day. It only takes 12 days before they hatch. They mature and can breed from 10 weeks of age. (OMG...OMG.... OMG....!!!!) So we may have a whole flock of finches soon!!!! Anyone want a bird or two or three?????

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Boys make the Paper

This is the second page of the Hamilton Spectator on Thursday. Chris took Zac, Micaela and Lizzie to the Speedway last Saturday night. The girls had just gone to the toilet when the photographer asked if he could take the boys picture. Must have been the sexy looking Zac with his big bug eyed glasses on. You can't let the dirt and dust effect your eyes!!! Lizzie wasn't to sure if she would like it, she came home so excited, she just loved it! Zac just can't get enough of this and as for Micaela, she still wants to race in an event like this. She is such a thrill seaker!

We are Expecting!!!

Hah, you all didn't I???????????
Well the Birds are expecting. Look what we found in their little nest this morning. We thought we had two female finches, until the last week or so when they started behaving very odd. We all started to think we might have a male and female. Micaela was getting so excited she was sure they were up to something and she was right. She is off at her 24hr Playathon for Music at School and I rang her and told her she was going to be a Mother. "What?" was the reply. Then "Oh, my God........ Oh my GOD (1000 decibels higher) She can't wait to come home and see the little egg. Isn't it just so cute?????

Going for a Ride

Who needs to pay for expensive rides when you can have a ride in your own backyard. We don't know who was enjoying it more........ the driver or the passangers!!!! You can see just how lightning fast they were going, Micaela was able to walk next to them!!! Total JOY!!!

Farmer Zac

This is our new lawn mower and trailer. Zac has been dying to have a drive of it and was so excited when Chris let him have a spin around the backyard. You couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

She did IT!

This is the finished product. Micaela said she couldn't sew!!! Maybe she just didn't want too. This is her pillowcase she sewed at School. It caused her so much stress, but she did it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For Lizzie

This is my scrapbook page. Promised Lizzie I would post on the Blog so she can see what I did with the photo's. Sorry to bore the rest of you!!!
This very stylish picture of Lizzie and Micaela in their gorgeous rubber boots about to go and feed the cows and horses.
"These Boots were made for Walkin' in the cow dung on the farm

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Winter Uniforms

Yesterday was back to School for Term 2. The kids are now in their winter uniforms, except for Micaela, who is waiting for her skirt to arrive. Yes you are seeing right, Kloe's Tunic is down to her ankles, and no, it isn't because she is so tiny! This is how it is suppose to be. We laughed when we first saw the uniforms but you get use to it.


Picture taken after Dinner on Sunday night while we were all still together

Outdoor Fireplace

This is our outdoor fireplace. Sunday afternoon turned really cool and with some rubbish to burn, Chris decided to have a fire. Something about Boys and Fire - they just love it!


The Difference is amazing!!! No longer do you feel like you are going to fall through the gap when you walk out the front door. All the timber had to be shaped to fit around our rough bricks and in places is very thin. But it looks sooooooooooo much better. Chris and I then, spent Saturday afternoon oiling 114 sq m of deck. It's all nice and shiny. Nice and clean for all the Magpies to Poop on!!

Picnic Lunch - Halls Gap

Mirranatwa Gap - Look out

Lake Bellfield - Halls Gap

Lake Bellfield near Halls Gap. Water Catchment for the Wimera District.

Looking back at the Grampians

Gorgeous Autumn Colours on the Trees

Sunday was our last day together before Oma,Opa and Liz headed back to Sydney. Oma wanted to see the Grampians so we went to Halls Gap, via Lake Bellfield and then through Victoria Valley and then the scenic route through Cavendish before heading home.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lizzie on the Farm

Lizzie just loves the cows!!! The girls have been going out everyday and feeding the cows and the horses (Not our horses, on the adjoining property)

These Boots

These boots were made for "Walking" (in the cow dung!!!!)

Helping.....................or making a MESS!!!

Kloe and Jarred helping Oma make noodles for the soup. I think they got more flour on themselves!!!

Finishing Touches - The front Deck

This is our deck, right near the front door. When the previous owners put the deck on they didn't finish it properly and there are gaps up to 50mm wide around the house and outer edge. It looks so unfinished so I asked really nicely and Chris and Opa got to work filling in the gaps.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Such Beauty

So it won't win any competitions. It's got marks on it but hey.................when you have 10 acres of land in the worst drought for decades, the beauty of a rose in our very, very limited garden is just gorgeous!!