Monday, April 30, 2007

Glorious Rain

This is the wonderful double rainbow that was out on Saturday afternoon (Sorry couldn't upload it yesterday - had to work out how to resize it with my new program/laptop) We had a steady drizzle starting not long after we got to school for the working bee. Chris was busy making garden beds and I was painting the Great "Green" wall of Baimbridge College. Left at one o'clock to come home and start here. The drizzle turned into heavy showers. The boys headed off to Auskick but returned rather quickly with a drowned and cold, Zac. Was a rather cold 13 degrees - was ok if you were busy doing things, you didn't notice it. Everything has a more green tinge to it today. Hopefully we get some more rain and we might even have some grass soon!!! Poor Kloe starts a two week swimming program today, at least it is at the indoor pool. But it is going to be soooooo cold getting changed. Hope she doesn't get sick.

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