Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ouch!!!!! Precious fingers get caught in the Door

Thursday was a cold, wet, windy day!! We spent the day getting ready for Oma, Opa and Lizzie to arrive. Just before 4pm we were on the way out the door to pick Chris up from work and then meet up with our visitors. Kloe was stepping out the door, holding onto the door frame and the wind slammed the door closed onto her tiny, fragile fingers. She just screamed!!!! I took one look at her middle finger and screamed too!!! "Micaela, quick grab something to wrap it in and hold it" Quickly jumped in the car, with poor Micaela struggling to put pressure on Kloe's hand. "Mum, I can't do this, I'm going to be sick". Let's just hope there was no speed camera's between here and the medical centre!!! 20 minutes later she was all stuck back together and bandaged. The middle finger cut through to the bone on the inside and the two smaller fingers have cuts on the top. The three fingers are all very swollen and blue. And yes, it was her right hand!!!
But I'm happy to report - all fingers are still swollen and sore but are mending well.

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