Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And then there was 6

Yes!! 6!!! They sure have been busy. The bird on the left is Spice (Mother) and on the right Sugar (Will have to think about changing his name now we know he is a male!!!)
In other news our car is in for service today and I'm waiting on the plumber because our hot water service is leaking and tripping the safety switch. Jarred and Kloe were not to happy having to have a rather cool bath in the cold weather. Chris reset it and at least it held out for the rest of us to have a quick hot shower.
Jarred is now going to Kindy two days a week Monday 9-11am and Friday 9-12midday. I'm so pleased his teacher finally made room for him on the Friday. He just loves going and is so ready to learn. He will not start school until 2009!!! Amazing when you think he would have started school in the NT this year.
Kloe is particpating in the Premier's Reading Challenge and has to read/or experience at least 30 books. We read 8 books last night. She is really enjoying reading and spelling and is coming along so well.
Ok, I'm off to make Jarred some Popcorn. "With Butter and Salt I said MUM"

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Anonymous said...

Looks like its time to build a bird avairy?