Saturday, April 21, 2007

We are Expecting!!!

Hah, you all didn't I???????????
Well the Birds are expecting. Look what we found in their little nest this morning. We thought we had two female finches, until the last week or so when they started behaving very odd. We all started to think we might have a male and female. Micaela was getting so excited she was sure they were up to something and she was right. She is off at her 24hr Playathon for Music at School and I rang her and told her she was going to be a Mother. "What?" was the reply. Then "Oh, my God........ Oh my GOD (1000 decibels higher) She can't wait to come home and see the little egg. Isn't it just so cute?????

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Kath and Drew said...

Congratulations Micaela, hope they hatch safely. Chris should know a thing or two about finches, he had many birds as a young boy. If I remember right, he had budgies, finches & quails and they also bred quite well.