Thursday, April 26, 2007

Only 6 - Oh Make that 7

As soon as Jarred got up yesterday morning we had to go and check how many eggs were in the nest. We counted (6). I said to him "It looks like that's all our birdie is going to have" Not even 1/2hr later Chris had a look and there was a nice new shiny egg. Make that SEVEN! Only seven in there this morning. But who knows, she might surprise us!!!

Had a nice relaxing day yesterday. Only had to run a taxi service with the kids. Zac had his friend Jack over for the day and Micaela went into town with her friends for a few hours. Made some things for Kloe's Mother's Day Stall. Chris sprayed weeds for several hours again!!! It's amazing how little water weeds need!! Back to work and school today.

Oh, and we got a new little toy to play with. A new Laptop. Chris salary sacrified with ERA and the only way we could claim our money back was to buy one. So yesterday was also spent loading software and playing. It will take a while to get use to. I'm typing this while it's sitting on the kitchen bench.

Have a great day

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The Salisbury Family said...

Wow new laptop sounds good! Love the way the house is looking on here now. Tarni says she hopes Kloes fingers are better soon.
Any more eggs yet?