Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


After heading out to the crossing last night we decided to go down to Mamakula and see how many birds were there. It was very disappointing with only a few. However there were heaps of wallabies feeding. The kids all loved, spotting and watching them. We even got to see a joey....oh so cute! Well worth the drive.

Cahill's Crossing

Last night we went for a drive down to Cahills's crossing - not much action going on, no croc's to be seen! Only a Micaela and Zac seen to be holding hands and getting along - now that's an interesting site!!!!!!!!

On the Move

The logistics of moving a family of six across the country especially around Christmas/New Year proved to be a difficult task!! Many scenarios were thought about and looked into! And this is what they have come up with.

27th December - Transit house is available (All meals supplied)
28th December - House Packed
29th December - Upload (Pack everything on the truck)
- Chris' last day of work
30th December - Drive into Darwin
- Fly Qantas, Darwin to Alice Springs, Alice Springs to Melbourne
- Spend the night at the Hilton Melbourne Airport
31st December - Fly Melbourne to Portland, Portland to Mt Gambier by Regional Air
- Pick up hire Landcruiser and drive 1 1/2 hrs to Hamilton
- 2 bedroom apartment awaits us to celebrate New Years!!!!

We have a 2 bedroom apartment for two months while we find ourselves a house - I think we will be finding a house really quick!!!

We are all excited but also a little sad. Jabiru has certainly been challenging but it does grow on you and we will miss a lot about living a very simple life. But the possibitities of living in a bigger town (approx 10,000 - yes I can hear you all laughing!!!) is exciting. Oh, to be able to grocery shop without having to drive 5 hours to do it, being able to have a letterbox and a real rubbish collection, oh the list goes on..................................

Friday, December 15, 2006

Last Day of School

Last Day of School for 2006 - Goodbye Jabiru Area School and Jabiru Kindy

I am a cruel Mother!!

Jarred not getting his own way!! Kloe and Jarred were playing snap and Kloe was trying very hard to explain the rules to Jarred but he wasn't listening.... he wanted all the turns!

Must be dress up week

Jarred has been dressing up this week in many clever ways. Tuesday was shopping bags

Um.......A Library Duck????

A pair of rubber gloves and a library bag!!! Who needs expensive toys!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Now It's Your Turn!!!!!

Sometimes when I post to this BLOG I feel like no one is looking at it. But when I don't update for a while you all let me know about it.

Well I think it is about time you all started to comment!!!! So I really do know you are all checking out what we are up to. You are only able to comment if you accept the invitation, if you need another invite please email me and I will send you another one!!!!

Now - I want to see comments!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Micaela wins Chief Minister's Literacy Achievement Award

Today was the School Awards for 2006 and Micaela won a Literacy Award. She was totally shocked!!! Her comment "Mum, how could I have won a Literacy Award? I'm no good at that" Well her teachers thought otherwise and noticed her hard work this year.

Yellow Water

On Sunday evening we went for a drive down to Cooinda to Yellow Waters to watch the sunset and to see all the magpie geese flying in for the evening. Just Beautiful!

ERA Christmas Party at the Pool

The kids enjoyed another ERA Christmas party at the pool. Besides swimming there was flying chair rides, jumping castles, kids band, a big slippery slide and lunch packs. Oh, and of course Santa made an appearnce with Presents for all of the kids. He was a rather "Cool" santa complete with ice vest and Sunnies!!

Musical Concert Primary - Thursday Night

Jabiru was treated to a wonderful evening of singing and music by the primary students of the

Zac and his Year 3/4 Class

Kloe and her Year 1 Class

Jabiru Primary Students - The Finally