Tuesday, December 19, 2006

On the Move

The logistics of moving a family of six across the country especially around Christmas/New Year proved to be a difficult task!! Many scenarios were thought about and looked into! And this is what they have come up with.

27th December - Transit house is available (All meals supplied)
28th December - House Packed
29th December - Upload (Pack everything on the truck)
- Chris' last day of work
30th December - Drive into Darwin
- Fly Qantas, Darwin to Alice Springs, Alice Springs to Melbourne
- Spend the night at the Hilton Melbourne Airport
31st December - Fly Melbourne to Portland, Portland to Mt Gambier by Regional Air
- Pick up hire Landcruiser and drive 1 1/2 hrs to Hamilton
- 2 bedroom apartment awaits us to celebrate New Years!!!!

We have a 2 bedroom apartment for two months while we find ourselves a house - I think we will be finding a house really quick!!!

We are all excited but also a little sad. Jabiru has certainly been challenging but it does grow on you and we will miss a lot about living a very simple life. But the possibitities of living in a bigger town (approx 10,000 - yes I can hear you all laughing!!!) is exciting. Oh, to be able to grocery shop without having to drive 5 hours to do it, being able to have a letterbox and a real rubbish collection, oh the list goes on..................................

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Anonymous said...

Melleny my friend Clive Duffy's brother has just bought a motel in Hamilton and Clive is going down there to manage it tomorrow to look after it for him for Xmas. I will let you know which one it is.