Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brunch and Bits

All of Primary School had a Healthy Eating Brunch yesterday. Kloe's class made fruit crepes. I stayed and helped the kids cut the fruit and then mix and cook the crepes. They then set up all the kids tables down the corridoor and made one huge table. Each class made something different with lots of different choices. Lots of yummy food. Then another Mum and I washed up and continued to wash up for the next two hours. Yes, you read right - 2 hours!!! Have really bad dishpan hands now! But well worth it.

Micaela has a cold and is feeling miserable. She is tough though and has still gone to school. She is now making PJ pants in Textiles, she is starting to enjoy sewing.

We had another shower of rain this afternoon. Not for long but every drop counts.

Chris has been busy every evening, getting the outer perimeter ready to plant tree seedlings in spring. He bought a rotory hue the other week and is giving it a really good work out. Much easier now that the soil is a bit softer.

Micaela and Zac are off to Melbourne Zoo on Friday. They have to be at school at 5.50am and return at 7pm. It's going to be a very long day. They are both really looking forward to it.

Well Farmer 'Bruce' tells us, you can have two female finches that lay eggs but they won't be fertile so no little babies. So, now I'm worried that we might not get any little birdies. Any day now we should start to have action, that is, if we have a male and female. Fingers Crossed.

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