Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Yesterday was Cold. We reached a top temp of 12 degrees. I turned the heater off about 10 o'clock. It was a nice day to stay indoors. We had passing showers all day. Zac was home sick again with tummy cramps. Jarred was a bit brighter during the day, still not quite his usual self. After picking the girls up from school the heater went back on. We are expecting a warmer day today 14 degrees.

This morning was 4 degrees and we had an early start. Chris had a shutdown at work today so we got up at 5 am. Not the best morning to have to get up early. He went off to work layered in clothes......complete with beanie, gloves and a mug of coffee. Zac went back to school today, still complaining of tummy cramps. It must be cold because even Zac had his jumper on. He doesn't feel the cold like the rest of us. Jarred is much better today. Hopefully no one else gets sick this week.

Well I'm really sad to say we had to dispose of the bird eggs on the weekend. After reading up on finch breeding again. It said to dispose of the eggs, if they didn't hatch within 20 days. Well ours was well over the 20 days......we kept hoping. So, we either have two girls or it just didn't happen.

I will try and take some pictures today of how lovely it is looking, now that everything is greening up. We had another spectacular rainbow yesterday afternoon. Ever since we moved into our property we have been trying to think of a name to call it. While sitting out the front last week looking at the rainbow Chris thought of ROYGIBV View (The colours of the rainbow) he thought Rainbow View wasn't manly enough!!! If anyone has any ideas or other names for Rainbow let us know. We have had 6 Rainbows right out the front over the last few weeks, since it has been raining. So the name has to incorporate that into it.

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