Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mum's out there. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Yesterday Micaela and I went to Warnambool for the day, to shop. With Miss M's birthday less than three weeks away, it was time to start looking for pressies. I also had to get Kloe some warm clothes as she had next to nothing. It was a really cold morning, our ducted air froze and had to go through the defrost cycle. We had a really thick fog cover which made driving conditions very difficult. It's about an hours drive to Warnambool, with the fog, visability was only a few metres . We had a wonderful day with Micaela enjoying buying up the latest fashions. She got lots of new dresses, tops, jumpers, cool red sunnies and even a gorgeous pair of lace up knee high boots. Kloe and Jarred got some new warm clothes. Zac and Chris got Beanies and scarves. Brisbane Lions for Zac and Sydney Swans for Chris. We had a wonderful day with no moaning or complaining. It's the first time we have been shopping without everyone since we left Cairns. Totally Enjoyable.

Zac spent Friday night at one of his friends houses. And he had a different friend stay last night. It was all arranged before I got home, I wasn't to pleased. I don't like friends staying over on special days.

Gorgeous morning this morning. It's cool but the sun is out. Should be a lovely day. I have just received a handmade letter holder by Jarred and candles,soap and hankies from Kloe. The other two are still snoozing. Have a great day!

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