Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's Greening Up

As promised here are some pictures, showing how lovely and green everything is getting. For those of you that have lush green lawns you might not appreciate the beauty of some green grass. The top picture is looking out the front from the deck and the bottom one is out the back. Still lots of bare patches out the back, but it isn't totally bare anymore.
The kids had school photos on Friday. Chris had the day off work to get his licence changed, trailer rego and organise some fencing and his shed. So now he is officially a Mexican too!!! Zac had his friend Jack stay over on Friday night. Micaela went into town and went shopping and then went to see Spiderman 3. She said it is totally over rated and is the worst Spiderman!!! Zac stayed at Jack last night and Micaela had Suzie stay here last night.
We have two eggs in our birds nest, again. We are not getting excited.......Yet!! Farmer Bruce said he is going to catch us a Male Finch. He said we definalty have a female, he is not to sure about the other one.
This week will be spent getting ready for a teenage party on Saturday night. Micaela turns 13 on Friday. She is inviting 6 girls over for a sleepover........we must be mad!!. I've told Chris to bring home lots of ear plugs. It is her friends Birthday also, so Micaela is going to her place Friday night for her party and then they will come here Saturday to continue, the all weekend party.

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The Salisbury Family said...

Paddocks are looking very nice!

I cant beleive Miss M will be 13- a teenager eek!! Good luck with the party :)