Monday, August 20, 2007

Shopping, Horses and Boxing?????

Saturday morning Micaela, Kloe and I headed into town for a girls only shopping morning. Hamilton is still back in the dark ages......all the shops close at lunch time. The girls enjoyed having a look around. Micaela was the big spender and bought herself a new phone, after her old one died the other week. Kloe bought some craft supplies (so much like her mother LOL!!) and came home and created all afternoon. The boys were busy at home moving all the stuff into the new shed.

And here is our visitor. This is Ruby. Ruby has taken awhile to settle down. All the kids are enjoying going out and patting her and feeding her(When she is in the mood). She would have to be the luckiest, best fed horse around.

Sunday was spent cleaning out the garage and going through all the shed boxes that hadn't been opened yet. The garage is so much better, there is so much space to actually walk around in there now. And there is still plenty of room in the huge shed.

Jarred and Micaela are both home sick today. Miss M looks like she has gone a few rounds in a boxing ring. She has conjunctivitis. With both eyes red and swollen. Jarred has a high temp. We have just returned from the Doc's. Jarred has middle ear infection in both ears and a throat infection. The whole town is suffering from colds, flu's, ear and throat infections. More medicine, more panadol and more money!!! Never a dull moment in this house.

Nanna is coming to visit us. She arrives on Saturday and is staying a few weeks. The kids are very excited. We haven't seen her for a year now. It will be our first time traveling into the big smoke, since we have moved here.

Enjoy the week!!

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The Salisbury Family said...

Lovely pics, hope the kids feel better soon. The horse looks lovely, I miss the smell of sweaty horses and saddleblankets ( gee that sound sbad doesnt it!) Enjoy your mums visit