Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend Catch up

Zac had his friend Jack stay over on the weekend. Both Friday and Saturday night. Jack is starting to feel at home here and is actually starting to talk.....a bit at least. It has only taken a few months. We must be really scarey. Friday night was the monthly Cyber Crop over at Diva's. Didn't do any scrapping on Friday night, to busy chatting. Early Saturday morning I went off to the back crackers (Chiropractor). I haven't been since leaving Cairns and my neck and shoulders have been causing me lots of trouble. Felt sooooo much better afterwards, still very stiff and sore but without the pressure. Back there again today. He said it's going to take a while to make a real difference. Chris and I then headed off to look around at plants. We bought another cherry tree and a bay leaf tree. Chris also ordered a truck full of soil for the veggie garden. Which kept him busy for the rest of the weekend. I did my challenges for the Cyber crop on Saturday afternoon. Saturday night we had another fire.....seems to be a regular Saturday night thing. The kids love toasting marshmallows. The moon was amazing, it had a huge ring around it. Sunday afternoon we went over to our neighbours behind us, for a BBQ. They are the ones who breed the race horses. The kids had a wonderful time feeding the horses. Jarred and Kloe also fed the chooks and collected the eggs. Jarred was so funny, he collected the eggs so they were his. We had to bring them home!!! We all enjoyed ourselves a bit too much and ended up coming home a bit to late. Jarred woke yesterday morning with a runny nose and watery eyes, the poor little darling. It was like someone turned the tap on, not even some medicine helped. He looked like he was crying all day. No Kindy for him. Hopefully he wakes up feeling better today. Chris has a shut down on at work again today. We got up at 4.50am, that's why I sitting here at 6am blogging!!!!! The kids are all still asleep. Our shed is suppose to be delivered today and there is a builder coming out to quote on replacing the floor this afternoon.

Wishing you all a great week.

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The Salisbury Family said...

sounds like a lovely weekend, hope all is good for the week