Thursday, July 12, 2007

What Else????????

Yesterday was not a good day at all. The Washing Machine hose blew off the machine and pumped 200 litres of water through the house. Luckily Kloe went into the hallway, slipping and hurting herself in the process, which wasn't so good, or it would have been 400 litres. There was water everywhere. It had run from the laundry into the toilet, bathroom, down the hall, into Jarred and Kloe's room and wet their carpet. I used every towel in the house trying to barricade the water while trying to sweep it out the door. After an hour of cleaning up, I thought I was finished and Micaela got up and says "Mum why is my carpet wet?" OMG her bedroom is at the other end of the house but next to the bathroom. The water had gone through into her room. To make matters worse it rained all day, so I had wet towels hanging everywhere to get them dry.

I thought today was going to be such luck. We came home at lunch time only to hear our ducted air con making loud, banging noises. I quickly ran and turned it off. It had frozen up and the fan must have hit it or got stuck. Both fans smashed through the unit. I went straight for the phone ringing the lovely man(NOT) who has not fixed it properly, only patched it up to make it work. He has given us all sorts of excuses....... Well he can't come until Tomorrow. I rang Chris and he said he would come home and have a look. He took one look and said......................he won't be able to fix that tomorrow. It looks like it will have to be a new one. Luckily it is still under warranty, but that doesn't stop us all from freezing in the process. Great just what we dont' need!!!

Then, Chris walked inside and said have a look at this.......The floor boards are lifting and warping. OMG OMG OMG...........the water!!!! I rang our insurance and they told me they would have someone call. So I waited until just after 4. The kids are looking after Farmer Bruce's birds and chooks while he is away so I had to take them down to his place as it was pouring with rain. The kids went round and fed the birds and then Micaela says "Ah Mum, I think one of the birds is dead" One of the big parrots. I had a look and yes the bird had got itself stuck in some wire inside the cage and had died. Poor Micaela was so upset, she takes her animal carer position very seriously. So we get back home and Chris arrives not long after. He rings Bruce to tell him the bad news. The bird was only worth $2000. How bad do we all feel??????

The insurance company rang and said they will be sending someone out tomorrow to dry the carpet and look at the floor boards.


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