Friday, July 27, 2007

Back to Winter

After three glorious days of temps over 15 degrees a cool change moved through last night bring cool temps and rain. Today is back to Winter Weather. Top temp of 12 with rain.

Micaela had her first Cooking lesson yesterday. She was most impressed with herself. She made apricot slice. Just a mix together one and pop in the fridge to set. It had marshmallows, nuts, apricots, condensed milk and coconut in it. It was actually really nice (She gets to bring it home) She is so funny, anything practical like cooking, woodwork or sewing she has no patience for. She plans on earing lots of money and have someone do all of those things for her. She got her school photo's back yesterday, will have to upload later.

Zac has the most amazing teacher and is doing really well at school. His book work is now so neat and tidy and you can actually read it!!! He is the totally opposite of his sister and loves all the practical subjects. He is doing metal work this term.

Will give you an update on the other two another day.


The Salisbury Family said...

They are chalk and cheese, but you wait Micalea will be a super woman just like her mum!

Brian said...

Zac is a quiet achiever just wait and see. His talents are elsewhere, or it may take some time to come out of his sister's shadow.